BlueBird Bower
Dedicated to the cherished memory of all those who wait at Rainbow Bridge
...and all those who never knew a loving home...

Family Arbor

"...In the end, my dear sweet friend, I'll remember you..."
--Bob Dylan--

Friends' Arbor

Per special request from a dear personal friend,
the two Memorial Plaques below are displayed side-by-side:

"...And your little paws will greet me as I enter Heaven's door..."
--Elaine Johnson--

Per special request from a dear personal friend,
the three Memorial Plaques below are displayed side-by-side:

"Memories made in love can never be taken away..."
--Author Unknown--

Public Arbor
Link To Greyfriar's Bobby Memorial Page

The following Public Arbor Memorials are those requested by individual owners who have lost more
than one pet. Thus, the decision has been made to keep these Plaques together...the manner in which
the beloved animals they commemorate are undoubtedly waiting at the Bridge:

"My body is gone but I'm always near... I'm everything you feel, see or hear.
My spirit is free, but I'll never depart... As long as you keep me alive in your heart."
--Author Unknown--

The Public Arbor Plaques which follow are requested Dedications for pets who may or may not have
yet arrived at Rainbow Bridge. These are the animals who disappeared without warning, ran away,
became lost or were obliged to be given to another hopefully loving home for any number of reasons.
Nonetheless, a loss remains a loss regardless of circumstances and these types of losses may well be
the hardest for a pet owner to bear.

"...For every soul, there is a guardian watching it..."
--The Koran--

If you would like the BlueBirds to create a Plaque for your special pet, please send a message via
the little feathered fellow below referencing "Bower" in the title of your e-mail.
No creature will be refused a memorial, regardless of species.
See the main page of "Rainbow Remembrances" for details which may be included on the Plaque.
Please note that it could take up to seven days after receipt of the request for the Plaque to appear in the Bower.
The BlueBirds thank you for your patience...

The Animal Rescue Site
To provide food for an animal in a shelter or sanctuary, please click on the above
graphic to visit the Animal Rescue Site. No donations required. Only a click!

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