Liz's Romeo Winston

It began on the day this tiny 2-pound Yorkshire Terrier puppy chose me to be his Mom. The tail wagged. The body wriggled with joy as he showered me with precious kisses. These actions never stopped as he added jumping and spinning with happiness to his routine.

I was always convinced that Romeo had a purpose in this life and that was to teach people to have fun and love each other. He never had an enemy; only a friend he hadn't met yet. He bubbled like an Alka-Seltzer tabley, yet always seemed a bit more wise and tolerant of whatever happened along the way. My nearly 8 years with him were filled with smiles and an undying attitude of "It's a lovely day today - let's go play with butterflies and falling leaves, snowflakes or whatever living thing crosses our path." And we did.

When the time came for our relationship to end, we had time to say good-bye and prepare for the separation. Romeo tried to ease both of our pain by treating it like another adventure, but we both knew it was time. Romeo made his exit with great dignity as we gave each other one last hug and smile of gratitude and affection. My pain has continued and the hole in my soul just keeps festering.

And now, at The Rainbow Bridge, Romeo plays with the other animals, but something stops him from being his true joyful self. And when God comes every day to walk and talk with the animals, one little wee dog refuses to go along with him. You see, when they all leave for their walk, God lights a candle to let any visitor know that they are only "just away." When God asked Romeo why he sits quietly waiting, Romeo says: "My candle won't keep burning like the rest because my Mom's tears snuff it out, and I can't run and play like the rest because I know my Mother is still so sad."

Here is my message to Romeo.... "I'm so sorry that I've been so selfish and haven't really let you go. But I'm going to do it now, so don't worry about being 'just away' and I won't drown your candle light anymore. I'm letting you go, my Darlin' wee one and one day we will meet again. Now run and jump and play and I will do the same. We will dance with our happy memories."

Love Always and Forever ------ Your Mom, Liz

Forever Young

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