ThanksGiving: Oh, Dimwitted Bird

Oh, dimwitted bird with your swaggering strut,
Did you ever stop to contemplate
Why they fed you til you had an enormous gut?
No use protesting's too late!

Oh, dimwitted bird with your puffed-out, plump chest,
Do you not have one brain in your head?
You're invited to dine, but it's not as a guest.
I can't help but feel you've been misled.

Oh, dimwitted bird, you just don't have a clue,
Not a mere indication at all
Why all the pink porkers are snickering at you
As they whisper: "There goes Butterball!"

Oh, dimwitted bird, why are you squawking now?
Pointing feathers at chicken and sheep.
Do you really believe they will opt for that cow
When they've been stuffing you all these weeks?

Oh, dimwitted bird with your gobbling ways,
Aren't you wishing that you were much thinner?
If you only had learned that excess never pays,
You would not now be ThanksGiving Dinner...!