A Day In The Life: Chapter One
By: AdmiralKT

It was just an ordinary Tuesday when I began walking to school. I stopped at Pete's house, like usual, to pick him up and, of course, he was running late. I caught him when he was just finishing up his orange juice and had two bites of toast left.

"Hi, Trevor," he said between gulps of OJ (Don't say a word).

"Hi," I replied. I watched as he devoured the helpless bread, crumbs spilling from his mouth, then washed it down with half a glass of milk his mother had just set down in front of his little sister.

"Pete! Hey!" Isabelle whined as her cow juice was stolen from her. Pete walked away from the table like he hadn't heard her. As we walked out his front door we could hear Isabelle yelling, "Mom! Pete drank my milk!"

We walked onto the street. It was a nice clear, sunny day.

"I think I'll go for a walk outside... summer time's.... uh, duh dum dum dum," Pete tried to imitate the Brady Bunch. He began snapping his fingers and dancing down the street.

"May I have this dance?" he asked me, stopping and holding out his arms.

"No way, I'm saving it for Maria at the spring dance."

"Oh,"Pete said. "You ask her yet?"

"No,"I admitted.

"Well, then," he started, "since she hasn't accepted yet, can I have this dance?"

Pete was in a really weird mood that day. I just rolled my eyes at him, like I usually do when he's weird.

"A horse is a horse, of course, of course, and no one can talk to a horse, of course, unless, of course, the name of the horse is the famous Mr. Ed. Go straight to the source and ask the horse, he'll..."

"Pete, SHUT UP!"

"Gosh, someone's in a surly mood today. Is it your time of the month, Trevor?" Pete asked, putting his hand on my shoulder in an uderstanding way.

"Yeah,"I said, deciding to imitate his weird mood. "I'm always so moody and I'm just horrible to you!"I sobbed. "I don't deserve you!" I pretended to cry. I put my face in my hands, whimpered a little and shook my shoulders, the whole bit. I had forgotten, however, that we were nearing our high school and there might be kids around.

"What's a matter, Trevor? Gotta wedgie?" Kurt Saunders asked.

I looked up, startled. "No,"I replied, "I'm just showing my feminine side!"

"Oh,"Kurt said, a bit surprised by my reply.

Pete, secretly amused by this, smiled. The three of us walked the rest of the way to school together. Once inside Pete said, "Well, I gotta go. I'm meeting Laurie by her locked before first period. See ya!"

"Bye," Kurt and I both said. I followed Kurt to his locker. As he began putting in the combination he spoke, "You like Maria, don't ya?"

"Huh?"I asked.

He tugged his locked open and was showered with junk. First his baseball glove fell out, followed by a math book, three assignments and a couple of pencils. I couldn't help but laugh.

"*%$#!" he said.

"Mr. Saunders, really. You know better than to use that language in school," Mr. Johansen said as he passed by.

"You're lucky. If that would have been anyone but Mr. J you would've have a detention!"I told him.

"I know. But you're changin' the subject. Do ya like Maria?" Kurt asked as he picked up his stuff.

"Who wants to know?"

"Inquiring minds."

"Why should I tell them?"

"Because. They know a little secret you might be interested in about her,"Kurt said.

"What?"I asked.

"First 'fess up."

"Fine, fine. Yes, I like her."

"Thank you. Now, I heard from Trish Brown who said she heard it from Bob Mackey who supposedly overheard Maria and Laura Austin talking in study hall that Maria thinks you're cute," Kurt told me.

"Cool. I'm cute?"

"I guess so,"Kurt said. "Personally I don't think so, though, so don't get the wrong idea!" He shut his locker. The first bell rang and we walked to class.

It was second period history when things got a little strange. The bell had just rung and Miss Smith was still in the hall talking with Mr. Keller. Christy, who sat behind me, started kicking my chair.

"Hey! Quit it!" I demanded as I turned around to face her.

"Just gettin' your attention," she said.

"Ever heard of calling my name or tapping me on the shoulder?" I asked "What da ya want?"

"Here," she said. She handed me a note. It was folded into an arrow. I turned back around and tried to open it. I couldn't. I tried for five more minutes to get the stupid thing open and I was unsuccessful. I turned around to face Christy again. She deep into a conversation with Olivia.


She turned and faced me. "Yes?"

I held out the note. "Could you open this for me?"

"If I must,"she said with an air of dignity. She plucked the note out of my hand. In two seconds she had the thing open. I was truely in awe.

"Would you like me to read it to ya, also?"

"Not necessary," I replied. I read the note to myself. I reread it. Then I reread it again. I wanted to jump out of my seat and yell, but Miss Smith was starting class.

"Sorry I'm late class," she began.

"That's really alright, Miss Smith," John Ashcroft called from the back. She smiled and continued, "I was just talking with Mr. Keller and I want you all to be the first to know." She held up her right hand and showed us a diamond ring. "I'm getting married!"

"Did ya hear Miss Smith is getting married to Mr. Keller?" Pete asked at lunch.

"Yeah, yeah, I was there when she announced it. I have bigger news."

"Oh, yeah, you're in her second period. So what's your news?"

"Read this." I gave him the note I had recieved.

"Dear Trevor, Hi! I am writing this...." he began.

His voice went down to a mumble. "So, Maria thinks you're cute? Cool. And she invited you to the dance. This is your lucky day, Trev," Pete said.

He handed the note back to me. "Are you going to write back soon, as her note instructs?"

"Of course! Next hour I have Mrs. Davis."

"Ugh,"Pete slipped into his Mrs. Davis impression. "Today I have a really boring lecture for you about something none of you cares about at all and you'll all just fall asleep and I won't notice, but that doesn't really matter because we can just pretend you're really learning."

"A lecture? About what?"

"About the workings of the government, what else?"

"Of course! I should've known!"

(c) Copyright 1995 (95-07-03)

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