A Day In The Life: Chapter Two
By: Njingi

I walked into Mrs. Davis' class and, as usual, took a seat way way way in the back, so she wouldn't see me skillfully endeavoring to not pay attention to whatever she was babbling about today. The two front rows of the classroom were again, as usual, completely empty. And you want to know why?

"Class!!! Class!!!"

Her breath stunk.

"Today we will be discussing the CONstitution of the UNITed States!!!" And she was at least 3000 years old, with clothes that smelt like they'd been sitting in mothballs since the early 13th century.

"Does anyone know what the CONstitution IS?!?!"

And she always yelled, as if she thought that noone could ever hear her.

"Eh?! Can anyone TELL me?!?!"

Maybe SHE couldn't hear herself. In any case, I turned my thoughts away from Mrs. Davis and the Constitution to think about something much more interesting...Maria. I caught myself giving the room in general a blissful smile, and I stared back down at my desk really quickly. Maybe no one noticed.

"Hey, Trevie!"

I sighed and turned toward what I knew was NOT going to be a fun conversation. "Yes, Ron," I whispered back at him.

"Oh...nothing. It's just that you're GLOWing!!! What's the matter? Thinking of your MOM again?" The jerk snickered at me, being careful to be quiet enough so Mrs. Davis wouldn't hear.

"Shut UP, Ron!"

"Oh, look guys," He motioned to the rest of his clan, who were scattered around the room, "looks like Trevie's got a LOVE letter!!!"

So much for writing her back in THIS class, I thought, as I refolded the letter in to something a little less harder to open. Like a square.

Unfortunately for me, unskilled as I was in the art of letter accumulation, I dropped Maria's letter while it was on the way to my pocket. And lo and behold, whose chair did it happen to fall under?

"Hey, Trevie! Is this your's?" A smile flitted across his face, sort of like the one a starved man gets when he's suddenly offered a banquet. "Let me see, what do we have here..."

"Give it BACK, Ron!" I was whispering fiercly by this time. He snickered again.

"Let me think...NO! Ha!"

I sighed. This was NOT going according to plan. "Ron...give it back...right...NOW!"

Now, let me explain to you something before I tell you what happened next. I cherished this letter. It was the first indication that Maria actually thought I was cute. I mean, I KNEW I was cute but to hear it coming from her was just... well... it was great! I was going to frame that letter no, I was going to spray it with that stuff that will keep it from decaying, and THEN frame it, and keep it on my wall, over my bead for as long as I lived upon this glorious, wonderful Earth. (At lest it was glorious and wonderful now that Maria thought I was cute.)

Therefore you can understand that when Ron took his hands, extended his fingers, placed them at the top of the page, gripped hard, and then pulled his fingers in opposite directions thereby ripping my precious note in half, right down the middle of her gorgeously written paragraph... well, not many words could describe my emotions.

I suppose this might describe it. If you imagined that there was a certain church, and in that certain church there was a certain minister, and while that certain minister was talking a satan worshiper walked in the door, and with one yelled obscenity released a grenade that he had been concealing in his pocket straight at the minister on the podium. Now imagine that the minister was killed in a fiery explosion, and imagine still that that was the final straw for God, and the Almighty rushed down and stood in the center of this certain church, and glared down at this certain satan worshipper with all of the accumulated wrath resulting from thousands of years of useless, violent bloodletting, and then bent down, picked up this certain satan worshipper off of the floor, scowled at him full in the face and yelled at the top of his lungs, "THAT'S IT!!!!". Then, maybe, you might imagine how angry I was.

No, wait, imagine that while in the air, a gun fell out of the satan worshipper's pocket, and hit the ground, firing off a shot which hit God in the toe. Imagine his allmighty apoplectic rage at THAT incident, and then maybe, just maybe, you'd get even close to understanding how mad I was.

I jumped out of my seat and picked Ron up out of his chair, scowled at him full in the face and yelled at the top of my lungs, "THAT'S IT!!!" I think the smoke coming out of my ears fascinated Mrs. Davis so much that she actually hesitated for a good minute before doing anything constructive, which of course eventually consisted of having me sit in the corner ("Hey, this is HIGH school, lady!" I protested, to no avail.) until the end of the class period. She ALSO wrote my name on the board.

But all of this humiliation could not come close to the grief I felt, the absolute gut-wrenching sorrow that pervaded my entire soul when I thought of the letter that I had lost.

Towards the end of the period it finally got through my confused brain that I was going to pass her in the hallway next before next period. I did this every day and it was always the highlight of my teenage existence. My spirits began to pick up. That is, of course, until something hit me in the back. Without turning away from the corner I reached down and picked up a note. It was folded in a square this time, so I had no trouble opening it. "Trevie, " it said, "and Maria sittin' in a tree..." I don't have to tell you the rest of it. I turned around and there was Ron again, snickering at me.

Knowing Ron, my closely guarded secret would be a secret no longer, closely guarded or otherwise. I sighed again, and turned back to face the wall.

This was DEFinitely not going according to plan!

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