A Day In The Life: Chapter Three
By: AdmiralKT

When the bell finally rang, signaling the end of this torturous experience, I jumped up from the stool I was seated on and prepared to see the most lovely creature in the universe (All together, now...), Maria.

My plans were squelched as I heard the gravely voice of Mrs. Davis calling me to her desk. Slowly I dragged myself to the other corner back corner of the room.

"Yes....? " I said, preparing myself for some speech about not fighting or something.

"Mr. Allen," she began.

I could smell onions and.... what is that? I though. Oh, garlic. Her breath smelled like onions and garlic today.

I let my thoughts drift to how I was going to make Ron's exsistance miserable. I'm sure he has some dirt somewhere, I thought. I have connections, I'll find it.

"So," Mrs. Davis finished up her speech of which I hadn't heard one word, "bring this note back to me tomorrow signed by your mother."

"Is it unacceptable if my dad signs it? Because, see," I began, sniffling a bit, "I don't have a mom. "

Of course, that wasn't true, but Mrs. Davis is so naive maybe I could get myself out of out of two weeks detention.

"She was ki.... killed in a car accident about..... two years ago." I began sobbing. "Whenever anyone mentions her I..... I get all, all choked up."

I stared down at the floor, glad that Mrs. Palmer had taught us how to bring on fake tears in drama class. I let one loose.

"Oh, Trevor," Mrs. Davis said, putting her arm around me.

I squirmed, trying to get her arm off of me, but she gripped my shoulder tightly. I could smell her breath even more now. It somehow accentuated her voice. What was worse was that people had begun to come into the classroom for her next class. I could feel their stares burning holes into my back and neck.

"Well, I guess what you did wasn't so bad," my teacher declared. I sucked in a gulp of air quickly. Was I going to get out of detention? I felt like a weight had been taken off my shoulders. I almost completely forgot about what Ron had done to me. Almost, mind you.

"I'll take a week off your detention."

She lifted her arm off of me.

The weight dropped back onto me and I almost fell to the ground under its pressure. I took the note Mrs. Davis handed to me and began trudging out of the room.

Just as I was about the leave I heard someone call my name. I turned around and about five feet into the classroom of doom stood Maria (I had memorized her entire schedule, but I had momentarily forgotten that she was in this class).

I smiled.

"Here, " she said.

She, too, handed me another note. I took it from her and for a moment our fingers touched. Her hand was warm. I wish I could've held her warm hand in mine, but the bell rang. Plus, there was that long standing rule which any student at my school could recite from heart: "No public display of affection of any kind, shape or form." Some, however, just couldn't keep their passion bottled up until after school hours and had to resort to standing in janitorial closets and things of that nature. Even some students resorted to that!!!

"Bye," she said.

She smiled at me. I'm not sure if anyone else in the room noticed, but when she smiled at me the entire room lit up with light from Heaven and everyone melted away but her and me. The entire room began spinning and waves of pleasure washed over my entire body. I wanted to sing and to dance, but in today's society bursting out into song and dance in full view of the public is not generally accepted as normal behavior. Now, if we were in a musical it would be a different story, but we're not....

As I walked to my next class I looked at the note she had given me. When I saw how it was folded I sighed. This one, wanting to make sure it didn't fall into the wrong hands, I stuffed into my pocket right away, determined not to read it until I was in the safety of my own bedroom.

When I arrived home from school that day I was feeling mixed emotions. Part of me was bursting with rage, all directed at Ron. If I had been a train and he was standing on the tracks I would've barreled him over faster than he could say, "Would you like fries with that?"

Another part of me was really bummed at getting a week of detention. That part was also scared of what my dad might say. He might say anything from, "You're grounded!" to "Get out of my house and never return!"

The most overpowering emotion, however, was the elation I felt at getting to actually touch Maria. I stared at the note I held in my hand. I sat down on my bed, figuring that it might take a while to pry this thing open and I might as well take a seat. I tucked my thumb under one of the paper folds and tugged softly, being careful not to rip the page. It didn't budge. I tried another. Same reaction. I tried still another, but it would not open. Beads of sweat began to form along my brow. Maybe I would never get it open. Maybe I would never learn what Maria's delicate hand had written on this piece of notebook paper. Maybe I would never know what she wanted me and only me to read.

I slipped my thumb under the last visible paper fold on the note and tugged. "Hallelujah! " I cried as it came undone.

I read over the note. Then I slapped my forehead and said, "Dough!" like Homer Simpson. To enlighten you here's what the note said:

Dear Trevor,
Could you meet me after school in front of my locker? See you at 3!

Things were DEFinitely not going as planned!

(c) Copyright 1995 (95-07-03)

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