It is realized two songs are necessary because
Death of man and death of beast
Are incomparable in the very least -- C.J.

Promise To Man
Penned By Craven Justice For His Beloved Bolo

Hear me sing my song of love
as I twirl so high above.
My siren song is filled with lust
for only you, this you can trust.
Men have learned upon hearing my song
it is to me they belong.
As I bring them to their knees,
writhing in pain and uttering pleas,
they realize their life is done.
Regrets for dead men? I have none.

Promise To Beast
Penned By Craven Justice For His Beloved Bolo

Oh, beautiful and noble beast
upon your haunch I must feast.
But for this hunger that gnaws at me
you would continue to run free.
For your grand and wondrous gift
I will make your dying swift.
Your sacrifice I will not waste
as all deserving shall have a taste.
What is left will be buried deep.
Thatís a promise I will keep.

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