Calico del Sueno

Author's Name: NovaReinna

Character's Name: Calico del Sueno

Aliases: Cali the Charmed

Sex: Female

Race: Somnial...born of a dream. Genetically, Calico is one-third naiad, one-third human and one-third whimsy.

Apparent Age: Early twenties.

Actual Age: Unknown, since she sprang already at the age of maturity from a dream.

Expected Lifespan: Unknown.

Place of Birth: The banks of a fast-flowing river (see "Author's Notes" for further details).

Place and Type of Residence: No permanent home.

Occupation: Cleric. Calico is highly-skilled in the art of White Magic. She can cure diseases and is rumored to have brought the dead back to life. Her spells and charms work on all species of creature, save one...her brother, Cobalt the Cursed, who is immune and unaffected by her powers. Calico has a particular affinity with creatures who live in or near water...otters, beavers, turtles and the like. Her powers are potent only during the daylight hours. When darkness reigns, her abilities are well-nigh ineffectual.

Personality: Carefree and friendly...some might say flirtatious. Calico is direct and physically unable to tell a lie. This sometimes leads to discord, since she is often blunt to the point of rudeness...but not intentionally so, merely finding it impossible to "sugar-coat" the truth. Eventually, however, all are won over by her sunny disposition and seek her out, knowing she will be forthright and honest.

Physical Attributes: Calico is tall and willowy, almost ethereal. Her skin is ivory-pale and her hair, the color of Winter Wheat which falls without curl to the backs of her knees, is held away from her oval-shaped face at the temples by means of two combs made from mother-of-pearl. Her eyes are blue, sometimes appearing green...or even a combination of both. She dresses only in garments made from soft, flowing fabrics of varying yellow shades...saffrons, lemons, golds and ambers.

Personal Weapons: Calico carries no weapons, save a topaz-topped stave which she rarely uses in battle, its main purpose being an aid to scale steep hills. Her knapsack, fashioned from cloth-of-gold and embroidered with water-lillies, houses a mortar, pestle, mystic powders, spell scrolls and vials of enchanted potions. It is a slim satchel when fastened, yet seems to be bottomless when open.

Human Companion: Travels always with her beloved brother, Cobalt the Cursed.

Animal Companion: Oro the Goldfinch, found by Calico after it had fallen as a fledgling from a nest demolished by destructive youths. Calico restored its strength and the bird thereafter refused to leave her side. It resides within an outside pocket of Calico's knapsack and sings to her every night before she goes to sleep. Oro has an unfortunate penchant for berries and often eats so many that he makes himself violently ill. Calico determined some time ago that she would no longer alleviate the bird's malaise at such times in the hopes that it would teach him not to be such a glutton. Thus far, her lack of action in that quarter has produced little effect.

Mount: A Terrakelpus filly named Abalonia. The Terrakelpus is a rare beast created from eons of cross-breeding. The initial union being that of a white mare with a Kelpie (water horse) stallion, which produces only female offspring known as Terrakelp. The Terrakelp is then bred with male Pegasi, which results in offspring of both sexes known as Terrakelpus. This species is found only in the farthest north of the Realm and is rapidly becoming endangered due to the fact the female is often barren. Abalonia was a gift to Calico by a grateful and wealthy Terrakelpus breeder/merchant when she cured his eldest son of a debilitating and deadly disease. The Terrakelpus is a beautiful and elegant animal, white of coat with a silky mane and tail, and sporting wide-span wings of white feathers. A most useful creature, it is equally at home when travelling by land, water or air. Though mute itself, the Terrakelpus has complete understanding of all languages and responds accordingly. However, it is by nature fickle and vain, easily persuaded by soft words of flattery or lured away by promises of finery. Abalonia is extraordinary in that she appears to be loyal to Calico...but perhaps the filly has yet to be offered what she most desires.

Preordination: Calico is destined to be the means of her brother's death and, since he is immune to all her healing and regeneration enchantments, Cobalt's passing will be irreversible. Whether Cobalt will perish by chance or by deliberate act of Calico's hand is unknown, although the latter seems unlikely. There appears to be no escaping this hapless fate, but Calico is optimistic that an alternative solution will one day present itself...before it is too late.

Personal Motto: "While there's life, there's hope."

Authors Notes:

As Corriente the Naiad was deep in slumber on the banks of her river home one Summer afternoon, she dreamed of a romantic tryst with an anonymous but handsome paladin dressed in chainmail of gold. While Corriente slept, she was ravished by a passing Goblin Falconer who took full advantage of the supine naiad before cavorting away into the nearby woodlands, chortling with glee at his good fortune. Calico emerged fully-grown from her mother's dreaming as the first clap of thunder from a sudden storm stirred the sleeping Corriente, a small frown creasing her otherwise smooth brow as vague images of the crude Goblin assailant invaded her consciousness. Created from the imagined caresses of a gallant knight, Calico was bathed in the last shaft of a Sun disappearing behind threatening clouds and thus, was blessed by the light. Her brother, Cobalt, emerged seconds later, not quite so fully-formed. Created from the coarse desire of a lustful Goblin, Cobalt was struck by a bolt of forked lightning which stunted his growth, leaving him misshapen and disfigured. Upon awakening to complete cognizance, Corriente had already forgotten the details of her reverie and ignored the two creations who stood before her. Alarmed by the impending storm, the naiad plunged back into the depths of her river and neither Calico nor Cobalt ever laid eyes upon their mother again.

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