Craven Justice

Author's Name: KENICY

Character Name: Craven Justice, the minstrel, the teller of tales, the singer of song and sometimes referred to as the Bard.

Sex: A male changeling which through a mental connection can convince his partner that he is with his perfect mate.

Race: He is clanless because he's not sure of his heritage and in his quest to discover his true identity he has the ability to change to any race. However, once the identity is found, he loses the ability to change again.

Clan: Clanless. Is seeking his true identity which through an unfortunate historical encounter has been lost to him.

Apparent Age: Between an ageless 30 and 45 years

Actual Age: 125 dwarven (changeling) years

Expected Lifespan: 1250 years

Place of Birth: The Digenisis Mountains (Known to have mystical pools of living gems)

Place and Type of Residence: A denop which is a squat hut made of twigs and covered with moss to keep out the rain. However once inside, the illusion stone is activated to reveal a room of sturdy polished oaken furniture, with some luxurious elixirs stored within a natural cooling wall. Upon the large oaken side butler is a silver pedestal topped by a beautiful, glistening ice blue stone which when caressed by Craven Justice on the exact day of the intersection of the Equinox tells stories of Snowflake's long reign (in rhyme).

Occupation: A Poet, poor and looking for a quest worthy of his unique talents.

Personality: Self promoter with a penchant for ingratiating himself into the most lucrative and advantageous situations. Craven Justice has a good heart and an active conscience which keeps him from being a total lout and has become adept at hiding these characteristics from others over his long span of years. He holds his fellow warriors in scorn. Very dangerous - at some time or the other. He has a burning desire to see and know Snowflake which is why he secrets the ice blue crystal in his denop. The denop is the only place in which he can access the crystal without Snowflake being aware of him.

Abilities and/or Powers: Can entice, through his musical and enchanted lute, Odellis, singing stones to (sometimes) reveal their stories. Is a teller of tales who is extremely dependent upon Odellis for much of his material. He is so dependent and enamored of Odellis, he writes stanzas of poetry that reveal their relationship.

By Craven Justice

Your tangible beauty is breathtaking
exhibits the craftmanship in your making
Made with love with woods so fine
Do you consider you are mine

Your feminine form shows such grace
it brings joy to the lutenist face
Your sweet tones melt the rime
We'll be one from time to time

Sing to me enchanted lute
sing me songs of Snowflake, the brute
soothe away my troubled thought
and let me dream of the dragon naught

Sing to me of Odan the scribe,
Tell me, he is now among what tribe?
And what of the Howling Beast?
Was it upon his bones Snowflake did feast?

Answer me my beautiful friend
that my love for you will never end.
Tell me what I must know
Lest I be felled by a fatal blow.

Special Training: Is able to play the Lute - and play it better than anyone in the Dragon Realm.

Personal Weapons: Bolo

It is realized two songs are necessary because:
Death of man and death of beast
Are incomparable in the very least - C.J.

Penned by Craven Justice for his beloved Bolo

Hear me sing my song of love
as I twirl so high above.
My siren song is filled with lust
for only you, this you can trust.
Men have learned upon hearing my song
it is to me they belong.
As I bring them to their knees,
writhing in pain and uttering pleas,
they realize their life is done.
Regrets for dead men? I have none.

Penned by Craven Justice for his beloved Bolo

Oh, beautiful and noble beast
upon your haunch I must feast.
But for this hunger that gnaws at me
you would continue to run free.
For your grand and wondrous gift
I will make your dying swift.
Your sacrifice I will not waste
as all deserving shall have a taste.
What is left will be buried deep.
Thatís a promise I will keep.

Mount: A small donkey Chorea who knows how to dig for water. His odd jerky gait is what prompted his name.

Companion: Thinks the stone told him to speak to Odan the Scribe.

Authors Notes:

Craven Justice is not committed to anything - sort of part of a changeling's personality - but when he makes a friend, he is a friend made for life - even if the person dosn't want him around - releases him from his "bond."

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