Cobalt del Sueno

Author's Name: NovaReinna

Character's Name: Cobalt del Sueno

Aliases: Cob the Cursed

Sex: Male

Race: Somnial...born of a dream. Genetically, Cobalt is one-third naiad, one-third goblin and one-third aberration.

Apparent Age: Unable to be discerned since Cobalt wears the mask of a falcon over his face to hide disfigurement.

Actual Age: Unknown, since he sprang already at the age of maturity from a dream.

Expected Lifespan: Unknown.

Place of Birth: The banks of a fast-flowing river (see "Author's Notes" for further details).

Place and Type of Residence: No permanent home.

Occupation: Sorcerer and Raptor Master. Cobalt is highly-skilled in the art of Dark Magic. He can conjure up all manner of depravity from the depths of the pit, but usually only does so in the name of good. He has learned to harness the power of lightning and is able to control the force of the storm to his advantage. Cobalt has a particular affinity with birds of prey and nocturnal creatures...weasels, moles, muskrats and the like. His powers are at their most devastating during the hours of darkness but he is not one to be trifled with at any time, day or night...particularly if there is turbulence abroad in the atmosphere. Being a Raptor Master, Cobalt can command birds of prey to carry out his wishes.

Personality: Gloomy and fatalistic, the one bright spark in his morose life being his sister, Calico, to whom he is deeply devoted and for whom he would give his life. His voice is gruff and harsh and he seldom joins in idle conversations, finding such exchanges to be trifling and time-wasting. Cobalt is not a likeable fellow but he has a good heart, even though he seldom shows it.

Physical Attributes: In form, Cobalt is short and heavily-built, with a crooked back and stunted limbs. He always wears the mask of a falcon to hide his ravaged face, which is badly scarred and was apt to frighten children and bring cries of horror from those who set eyes upon it. The only individual to ever see him minus the guise now is Calico, who displays no disgust at his appearance and loves him unconditionally. Cobalt's skin is blackened, its texture akin to dry parchment. His body is totally hairless and his eyes, the only features visible through mask, are of a dark and muddied-brown. Cobalt is immensely strong, with broad hands and gnarled fingers which can snap a metal bar as easily as a withered twig. Cobalt dresses only in fabrics of night shades...indigos, charcoals, purples and, of course, ebons. He wears a cap atop the falcon mask, decorated with an owl feather.

Personal Weapons: Within a pocket found inside his cloak, Cobalt carries a wand fashioned from amethyst and onyx, through which he directs the forces of the storm. He also possesses a rather large arsenal of various weapons aboard his small covered cart, which is pulled by Jinx (see "Mount"), for he is not adverse to engaging in hand-to-hand battle prior to using magic...often finding such direct combat to be exhilarating. Cobalt's cart also carried volumes of spell books, provisions, camping supplies and the trappings of falconry.

Human Companion: Travels always with his cherished sister, Calico the Charmed.

Animal Companion: BuHo the Screech Owl, who appeared unsummoned from the shadows one night and formed an immediate attachment to Cobalt. BuHo is devoted solely to Cobalt and only barely tolerates the other animal companions who travel in the company of his master and his master's sister. BuHo stands ready to defend Cobalt, should the need arise and accompanies him into combat. He is usually found perched upon Cobalt's shoulder, but does have a tree branch home available, fastened to the back of Cobalt's cart, on the rare occasions that the owl chooses to roost there. Cobalt's love for BuHo is second only to his love for Calico.

Mount: A gelded red-roan Hinny named Jinx. A hybrid created from the union of a jennet (female donkey) and a stallion, the Hinny is an intelligent, sure-footed and dependable animal. Jinx was rescued by Cobalt from the former owner, who was beating the animal unmercifully because it refused to travel across a bridge. As it transpired, the bridge supports were rotted and the structure would have collapsed had the Hinny set hoof upon it. Thus, the beast was displaying good sense rather than being stubborn. After Cobalt had dispatched Jinx's former owner, Calico repaired the Hinny's wounds and Cobalt then attached the beast between the shafts of his small cart which he had, up until then, pulled by hand. Although not as precious as Calico and BuHo, Cobalt is nonetheless very fond of Jinx and treats the animal with much kindess and patience. In return, Jinx does the best for his master. Being deceptively swift, Jinx is a more than adequate steed upon which to ride into battle, but has the tendency to flee the area upon dismount...a Hinny is notorious for disliking to put itself in danger.

Preordination: Cobalt's sister, Calico, is destined to be the means of his death and, since he is immune to all her healing and regeneration enchantments, Cobalt's passing will be irreversible. Whether he will perish by chance or by deliberate act of Calico's hand is unknown, although the latter seems unlikely. Despite Calico's optimism that an alternative solution to this hapless fate will one day present itself, Cobalt is resigned to his destiny and holds out no hope of any such an eventuality. He bears Calico no ill will and only worries that she will remain safe and sound after he is gone and no longer around to offer her protection, should she need it.

Personal Motto: "What is to be, will be."

Authors Notes:

As Corriente the Naiad was deep in slumber on the banks of her river home one Summer afternoon, she dreamed of a romantic tryst with an anonymous but handsome paladin dressed in chainmail of gold. While Corriente slept, she was ravished by a passing Goblin Falconer who took full advantage of the supine naiad before cavorting away into the nearby woodlands, chortling with glee at his good fortune. Calico emerged fully-grown from her mother's dreaming as the first clap of thunder from a sudden storm stirred the sleeping Corriente, a small frown creasing her otherwise smooth brow as vague images of the crude Goblin assailant invaded her consciousness. Created from the imagined caresses of a gallant knight, Calico was bathed in the last shaft of a Sun disappearing behind threatening clouds and thus, was blessed by the light. Cobalt emerged seconds later, not quite so fully-formed. Created from the coarse desire of a lustful Goblin, Cobalt was struck by a bolt of forked lightning which stunted his growth, leaving him misshapen and disfigured. Upon awakening to complete cognizance, Corriente had already forgotten the details of her reverie and ignored the two creations who stood before her. Alarmed by the impending storm, the naiad plunged back into the depths of her river and neither Calico nor Cobalt ever laid eyes upon their mother again.

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