Deay Drudeaux

Author's Name: Dru Driver

Character's Name: Deay Drudeaux

Sex: Female

Age: Her soul is very old, but her physical body appears to be mid to late twenties.

Place of Birth: The Swamps of her homeland.

Physical Characteristics: Small petite frame with well formed, well-toned muscles. Well-defined graceful legs and arms, straight back. Her feet are bare, but it seems as if her feet scarcely touch the ground as she moves from place to place. She walks with an air of dignity, yet she is often viewed as having an appearance of insecurity. Perhaps it is this contradiction that beguiles the unwary. Her penetrating stare from her deep blue eyes flash coldly beneath her translucent, pearl-like eyelids. Long black eyelashes accent her slightly slanted eyes. A pair of ebony eyebrows having the shape of an outstretched raven's wings contrasts wildly with her wonderfully pale skin, and a golden slit, rather than a round black pupil, allows her the ability to see clearly at night. Her skin is smooth and flawless and strands of long, fine, but thick and shiny, black, wavy hair cascade down her graceful shoulders and follow the contours of her breasts that are perfectly formed. The cut of her dress enhances her physical beauty with a bodice that arises from her hips and tightly hugs her form giving additional emphasis to her feminine charms. A dull black snake skin wraps around her waist, and when called upon becomes full of the bad temprament that cottonmouths are legendary for exhibiting. The lower portion of the dress, made from the finest spun silk from a rare spider found only in the dank tree hollows of her home, hangs like a soft flowing dream on a hot summer's night, over her smooth skin. The dress's hue is the same deep blue color as Deay's eyes. A slit in the dress allows her left leg to be exposed as she walks or sits.

Special Gift or Talent: Deay Drudeaux practices a special religion called Droodoo.

Authors Notes:

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