Author's Name: Tomas Mateo Quinones (TomasQ)

Character's Name: Ellorian

Race: Human

Vocation: Former member of a noble family in exile, now helping Risque get her child back.

Personality Traits: Has a huge crush on Risque, feels protective towards her so he follows her around wherever she goes; is cold and calculating in a fight or when angered but is otherwise warm and kind to people of all ages. Very observant, catches what most other people would miss. Practical about things he can't change but is a little naive for his age. Appreciates the arts and has a high level of sophistication in such things.

Physical Traits: Lithe, slender but muscular, has an air of grace about him when he moves. Emerald-green eyes, blond hair (think Mark Hamill's hair from his Luke Skywalker days and you get the shade of blond I'm thinking of); pretty face that women enjoy looking at. Height: 6'1" - Age: 24.

Personal Weapons: Sai that are family heirlooms, katana made by his father.

Companions and/or Familiar: Risque and whatever companions she ends up with.

Authors Notes:

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