Galt Bijan

Author's Name: FireStarter

Character's Name: Galt Bijan

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Age: 19 years

Place of Birth: Mirar, a village on the coast of the Chartreuse Sea

Place and Type of Residence: His uncle's farm outside of Mirar.

Physical Appearance: Reddish brown hair and hazel brown eyes, tall and slender with broad shoulders.

Occupation: Shepherd; he doesn't want to be a shepherd though. Trying to discover himself.

Personality: Friendly, optimistic, far too trusting.

Personal Weapons: A quarterstaff given to him by his mother. He also has a sling tucked into his belt with a bag of stones.

Mount: A thickly muscled gray gelding named Borak

Mate, Companions and/or Relatives: Traveling with Khadijah Socorro, but wishes she wasn't so distant; it's almost like traveling alone.

Authors Notes:

Galt's mother raised him by herself until she died when he was ten. From the time he was a baby, she would tell him stories of his heroic father who was a knight. When his mother died, Galt went to live with his Uncle Darn, Aunt Lucine and great-grandmother. His great-grandmother, in all her bitterness, took every opportunity she could to dash all his dreams of his heroic father. She told him his father was nothing more than a commoner. He died of decease not on a battlefield. When she died, his Uncle Darn decided to help him get back some of his dreams and taught him how to use his quarterstaff. He would always love his uncle for that.

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