Almén: Worker of fine metals and blood father of Malef and adoptive father to Craven Justice.

Archangel Island: A remnant of an archaic continent is an Island within the island continent. It is one of three islands that rest at the Mouth of the Dragon

Aulofu: Crone and soothsayer who first visits through dreams those who she is bound to consult. She reveals the present, sometimes the past but rarely, the future.

Bark Stain Rendition: Dwarven painting.

BeNob: The procreator, keeper and creator of Hominacules (Homolicule), who is a semi-benign ruler of Archangel Island. Sometimes referred to as "His Benevolence," "The Benevolent One," "The Benevolent Being" or "The Benevolent Ruler."

Beryl: A silicate of Beryllium and aluminum of great hardness. Most commonly found is the green variety but occasionally blue, yellow or clear crystal prisms are found. Colors other than green are highly coveted and of great value. The green crystals would later come to be called Emerald.

Bijou: Canine companion of the original Odan the Scribe. Bijou is totally devoted to the safety of Odan the Scribe and the crystal skull. Also, know as "The Wonderful Howling Beast" and/or "The Terrible Howling Beast." Bijou is an all-white Molossus (the Ancient fighting dog of the High Valleys).

Chorea: Craven Justice’s mount. A Small, brown donkey with a spastic gait.

Craven Justice: A changeling dwarf known for his tales and song; he is sometimes referred to as "The Bard."

Crystal Skull: The crystallized skull of the original Odan the Scribe. It portends the future and possesses the ability to channel its mind into others as a means of communication.

Denop: Squat hut made of twigs and covered with moss to keep out the rain. Upon entering, a stone of illusion is rubbed to reveal the beautiful interior.

Dragon Hoard: A group of seven mean-spirited, malicious dragons that represent a rag-tag remnant of the old, deposed, dragon gods, former rulers of the Phantom Realm. The hoard marauds, destroys and vandalizes the villages of gnomes, elves, humans and lesser beings in its quest for food and domination.

Dwarven Day: Equal to 25 eldens.

Dwarvling: Child of the dwarven race who has not yet reached puberty or passed the Rite of Alteration, which usually occurs during a time equal to 30 human years.

Elden: Dwarven unit of time equal to 5 human hours.

Elineen: As wife of the town elder, she is the first lady and social hostess of the hamlet of Mordock.

Evanesce: To dissipate like vapor.

Evanesce Stone: Clear brilliant orange silica stone found in the mines of the gnomes of Mordock. The stone is imbued with the power of evanesce which is activated when the stone is rubbed. The power allows the holder of the gemstone to become invisible in a cloud of vapor. Every gnome in the village has one on his or her person at all times.

Hominacules (Homolicules): Humanoid and animal entities created by BeNob for the express purpose of preserving the life forms of an archaic species that lived on the sunken continent. ("Homin" from "hominidae," plural for bipedal mammals and "cules" from "animalcules," plural for diminutive animals.)

Inod: Husband to Elineen and the oldest gnome in Mordock, which automatically makes him the town elder. He is the chief decision-maker for the hamlet.

Ken: Dwarven Week equal to 175 eldens.

Lignonberry: A cross between Bearberry, Blueberry and Black Raspberry developed by Gayeré, the supreme vintner, who handed the berry-starts down to the priests of the Order. The dark red berry, both sweet and tangy, is supremely suited for the making of wine.

Lunaire: Wife of Almén, mother of Malef and adoptive mother to Craven Justice.

Malef: Giant of the dwarven race. Formerly blood brother and friend but now sworn enemy of Craven Justice.

Mapology: Dwarven equivalent to cartography.

Mordock: The small gnome hamlet outside the Gayeré forest on the trail leading to the Vent of Gloom.

Odan the Scribe: The exact reincarnation/replication of the original Odan the Scribe, the man seemingly destined to record the lore of the Phantom Realms.

Order of Gayeré: A brotherhood devoted to the growing of berries and making of fine wine who worshipped Gayeré, the supreme vintner.

Rite of Alteration: The traditional and symbolic graduation of the male dwarven race from pubescence to adulthood, consisting of a 35-day meditation in the company of a sponsor or guardian. The Rite is to cleanse mind and spirit as well as to study the dwarven moral scripts and time is spent preparing for the final Interrogation. The Interrogation, conducted by the Dwarven town chancellor, must be completed before being formally accepted into Dwarven society.

Vent of Gloom: Natural geologic (volcanic) formation resembling a tunnel that leads through the Fyrestorm Mountains to the Talos Valley, allegedly known to exist among members of the dwarven race only.

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