Hellbore Reid

Author's Name: Hensbane

Character's Name: Hellbore Reid

Aliases: None

Sex: Female

Race: Human, Vinkin, once of the now destroyed village of Ducat.

Clan: She is a Vinkin craftsman, the leather craft hall belonged to her parents and she was a crafter of fine leathers. She made her name as a maker of saddles and boots that are renown in the Phantom Realm.

Apparent Age: Hellbore was born under the star of Ishtar, the star of the shapeshifters. She was only twenty when she was bitten and survived the werewolf attack that destroyed her entire family and the peoples of Ducat. She has not aged much since that time. Her current age would be nearly two hundred years old, but she does not age normally any more.

Actual Age: Two hundred years.

Place of Birth: Ducat, in the eastern regions of the Phantom Realm.

Place and Type of Residence: She lives in the natural world with no permanent place to dwell.

Occupation: She is a huntress of the rogue werewolves who destroyed the residents of Ducat. She also hunts down those who would harm the innocent people of the Phantom Realm.

Personality and Strength: She has a rotten sense of humor and has no use for those who take advantage of women and children. She trained as a warrior with her brothers in Ducat and is highly skilled with the broadswords, throwing stars and bow and arrows of many sorts. She uses a blowgun to great advantage and is very adept with the throwing knives. She is skilled in the brewing of her own poisons for coating the blowgun darts.

Intelligence: Hellbore is considered to be highly intelligent and is well read, skilled in leather crafting by which she still can use to raise funds to fund her search for the rogue werewolves who still prowl and slay innocent people in the Phantom Realm.

Wisdom: That remains to be seen for she tends to react to a situation before giving full thought to her actions. She has enough wisdom to remain alive for all this time.

Constitution: Very healthy and tends to eat enormous quantities of food during those times when food is plentiful, but will eat raw meat when it is necessary. She is six feet tall, with wide shoulders and a very muscular physic and few of the female graces so highly prized by the males.

Dexterity: She is graceful and skilled with both human-made weapons and fangs and claws.

Charisma: She has a way with children and is drawn to those people in dire need of help; other than that she has little in the way of people skills that one could call charisma. She has spent most of her life alone since those she held dearest were slain in Ducat.

Abilities and/or Powers: She is a true shapeshifter and can take the form of any creature she has seen. She is a woman with warrior skills that she uses when in human form, but she uses fangs and claws when hunting down those who prey on the innocent people.

Personal Weapons: Already listed.

Mount: None, for she has found no mount will take a shapeshifer on its back willingly. Familiar: None

Spirit Mate: None

Mate: Companions and/or Relatives: None

Weaknesses: If a silver object stabs her she will sicken, though she heals too fast to be killed by such an object. She can be killed if her head is removed by a sliver sword or axe; her body must be burned to ashes or she can regenerate.

Authors Notes:
None at this time

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