Karnak Rood

Author's Name: Hensbane

Character's Name: Karnak Rood

Aliases: None, though he usually uses only the one name, Karnak.

Sex: Male

Race: Human, by birth. Mage of the Dark Path by choice.

Clan: No affiliation that he will claim in this world.

Height: 6' 5"

Apparent Age: Karnakís body is now twisted and wrinkled and repulsive to the eyes of any who have the misfortune to gaze upon him. He is actually three hundred and fifty years old, and he should have retained his youthful appearance as did Karl Strange, his once friend. But the penalty for using the Dark Magic is that each ugly foul act is that a part of the magicianís body is aged, and Karnakís body is not only aged, but is twisted and deformed from those foul and cruel acts Karnak has engaged in over the years of his life. His once beautiful thick wavy black hair is now thin and scraggly, his beautiful blue eyes are covered with patches of foggy white, his beautiful white flawless skin is now wrinkled and covered in puss filled sores, his wondrous voice has been reduced to a hoarse cracked remembrance of what it once was.

Actual Age: Three hundred and fifty years old.

Expected Lifespan: Unknown

Place of Birth: Phantom Realm

Place of Residence: Anywhere he can find to hide from the forces of Light.

Occupation: Black Mage in service to the forces of the Dark Path.

Dexterity: Not a great lot in the matters of physical prowess.

Personal Weapons: His magical powers. Magic in every form known to the Phantom Realm.

Charisma: Currently none. Once he was known to be able to charm the very birds from the air with his songs. Women fell in love with his great beauty and physical charms.

Abilities and/or Powers: He can change the physical appearance of creatures around him. He has also has learned to use the Black Magic to alter the unborn children of human captives and through a mystical process cause those children to become his Night Stalkers.

Mount: Only those Night Stalkers who can manage to carry his twisted form. He can manipulate time and space and that is how he mostly travels.

Familiar: None

Spirit-Mate: None

Mate: Companions and/or Relatives: None left living

Authors Notes:

Karnak is a vile being and evil in every sense of that foul word. He studied Magic under Loafstar, as did Karl Strange. He was once Karlís closest friend and companion.

Average build once, but since he turned to the Dark Path, his body has become twisted and deformed. The price of service to the Dark Lords is a heavy one. Karnak was once considered one of the most beautiful men in the Phantom Realm, with clear blue eyes, flawless milk white skin and golden hair that resembled a halo when it was caught by the wind. He once was able to sing so sweetly that the very birds of the air would come to listen to his songs. All that was lost to him when he chose the Dark Path of magic. His hair is thin and scraggily, his face blotched with running pus filled sores and his eyes are permanently bloodshot. His once sweet voice has degenerated to a rough growl that cracks and breaks when he attempts to sing to relieve his pain.

Karnak has all the powers of the Dark Lords on his side and performs blood sacrifices to those evil beings. He has chosen this path of his own free will and thus he stands alone and friendless in the world he once belonged to.

Karnak, like Karl Strange, trained under the wizard, Loafstar. Karl and Karnak were once the closest of friends and blood brothers before Karnak chose to leave the world of Light. Now Karnak hates his once friend and seeks to destroy anything and everyone that Karl loves and cares about. Like the Ying and Yang of the world these two beings are bound together in the never ending patterns of the Dance of Life.

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