Khadijah Socorro

Author's Name: FireStarter

Character's Name: Khadijah Socorro

Sex: Female

Race: Human

Clan: None; Khadi is an orphan

Age: Unknown (appears to be in her early 20s)

Expected Lifespan: That of an average human, although she doesn't think that she will die.

Place of Birth: Unknown

Place and Type of Residence: None. She did live with her adoptive father, but now she is wandering, trying to find a place she can be herself.

Physical Appearance: 5 feet 6 inches tall, with a slender physique, her limbs are long and graceful. Her dark brown hair is always braided and falls down to her waist. Her pale gray eyes are almost too large for her face, but are always guarding her secrets. Her nose is long and slender and her mouth is not too big and not too small. She wears men's clothes: leather boots that lace up her calves, soft leather breeches, white cotton shirts, a coat, and a cloak (if it is cold enough).

Occupation: Thief

Personality: Too guarded to be nice

Abilities and/or Powers: Highly skilled in the following: Stealth, deception, lock picking, shadowing, and dagger/knife. She is also efficient enough to hunt for herself.

Personal Weapons: Throwing knives; she has several knives (perfectly-balanced for her) placed all over her body, as well as a dagger that is one of her most prized possessions.

Mount: A sleek mare named Intisar

Mate, Companions and/or Relatives: Currently traveling with a young man named Galt Bijan, who joined her when she caught him trying to steal from her.

Authors Notes:

A highly skilled thief, Makin Socorro, who claimed he found her as an infant, raised Khadi. Makin had her picking pockets and throwing knives as soon as she was old enough to understand what he said, or he used her as a distraction while he did the thieving. When she was old enough to realize the wrong of what they did, she couldn't figure out how to get out of it. She faked not being able to get close enough to people as the reason why she came home empty handed, but soon learned that would only get her bruises. So she planned out her escape carefully, then executed it, taking her horse, and few things she had cherished but had never been allowed to touch, with her.

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