Levi N'Dari

Author's Name: Asphyxi8

Character's Name: Levi N'Dari

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Clan: Clan of the Maleastri. The Maleastri are a clan known for its super senses, which makes them perfect assassins and many are raised as such. They can see, touch, smell, hear, and even taste beyond that of ordinary human senses. However, the Maleastri are also known for their high percentage of suicides and insanity among its adolescents because it is with puberty that their hyper senses begin to develop and many are unable to handle the sudden awakening of it. Whoever lives through their puberty are taught to focus their senses in order to hone it.

Apparent Age: He is in his early thirties

Actual Age: Early thirties; however, he has been imprisoned in the Amulet of Doors for over two centuries.

Expected Lifespan: If not cured, his disease is said to overwhelm him in a year if not less.

Place of Birth: A place long gone, a world long dead, an area called the Broken Hills. (Not certain, if I can just make up a place or it has to be charted out first, but in any case, it's not that important to me.)

Place and Type of Residence: Assassin, wanderer. Once the man or woman chooses their profession as assassin, the family then disowns them forbidding anyone to speak of their name as if they were dead and they cannot come back to their home until they are ready to die.

Occupation: Assassin. Levi N'Dari was born as the prince of the Maleastri clan, but found his calling not to rule by to kill. Although his family regretted that he could not be a great leader, they knew that Levi would make his mark somewhere else.

Personality: A tortured soul. Levi excelled in his profession until the day when he was asked to eliminate a royal family in another clan, he succeeds easily but unfortunately a distant cousin of the slain family uncovers his identity and in retaliation murders Levi's own relatives. Since then he has been haunted by the knowledge that he brought his family's death sentence single handedly. The memory pains him, eating at him, destroying him.

Physical Attributes: Levi is a large man, a hair breadth taller than Renata Nai Raughan, with dark ebony skin and flashing jade green eyes. He has a body like that of a swimmer or a runner, sleek and sculpted without being overly muscular. His hair is in long braids, which hangs to his shoulder. He has a tattoo of a serpent with the head that begins on the back of his right hand and wraps around his forearm toward his shoulder. He wears light leather armor on his chest over a simple animal skin tunic. He prefers his sword strapped to his back. His debilitating illness has forced him to wear magical bandages to slow the growth of flora in his body. Parts of his body is covered in bandages including his left hand to his elbow, his right shoulder and torso, and much of his right leg.

Abilities and/or Powers: In one of the missions, Levi was cursed with Flora Sickness. It is a disease that, in time, gradually transforms the person into a tree. A side effect of the Sickness is that people with it are more in touch with nature and some say they are also able to communicate with certain types of trees and shrubs. Aside from having hyper senses, Levi is also a fifth level geomancer. He can summon minor earthquakes and some types of earth and rock elementals and can also create earth golems with limited intelligence and an armor for himself from the surrounding rocks. Unfortunately, the elemental arts are not an exact magical science; it is a tenuous power at best especially for him since he is not intrinsically Gifted with it. This is an art that he has learned through the years and any use of it, however small, saps him of energy.

Personal Weapons: He is adept with many different kinds of weapons since he was once an assassin but his favorite would be a sword the Threefold One gave to him as a gift called the Edge of the World.

Frequently quoted as saying: "I die when I die."

Authors Notes:

Each of my five characters (Renata Nai Raughan, Levi N'Dari, Wilikin/Belamotte, Quoatdu and Seraphim) begins the story by being released from the Amulet of Doors. There is no known cure for the Flora Sickness. Levi N'Dari and the Threefold One were close friends, but since the Threefold One did not believe he could find a cure in time before Levi would completely lose his humanity, he sent him to the Amulet of Doors, where time is suspended, at Levi's request. The Threefold One intended to release Levi once he had found a cure for the Sickness.

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