Lillie of the Valley

Author's Name: NovaReinna

Character's Name: Lillie of the Valley

Aliases: The Maid of Jade

Sex: Female

Race: One of the Valley Elves. (Perhaps the Valley can be named at some period in time. I was not sure how much of the map has already been charted. Since she is also known as "The Maid of Jade," maybe she could hail from Jade Valley? Just a thought)

Clan: Clan of the Shaft. This is the elven clan which excels in the making of all things metallic. They are particularly renowned for the deftness of the arrows they manufacture and the fabulous beast known as the Hellion (see "Companion" for further details).

Appearance: Tall, slender and deceivingly strong. Skin has a greenish tint. The hair is silver...long and straight, usually decorated with feathers of the Hellion (please see "Companion" description) and sometimes braided. Lillie's garb is that of an Archer...simple tunic of forest green, belted at the waist, with leggings to match (so that she might blend in with the undergrowth). Her boots are of green suede. Beneath the tunic, she wears a pale green shirt with blouson sleeves and a long pointed collar. She dons a dark green hooded cape in cold weather. She wears a silver chain about her neck from which suspends an amulet in the shape of an arrowhead. It is the symbol of her Clan. She wears no other jewelry. Lillie is light on her feet and her movements are lithe and quick. She is agile and an expert climber.

Age: Relatively young, given the longevity of elves. Something a little less than a century. Lillie appears to be much younger. Many would guess that she has yet to see her 20th year.

Expected Lifespan: Indefinite, if lived to its natural course.

Place of Birth: Valley of the Elves (Jade Valley?)

Place and Type of Residence: Lillie is a wanderer. She does have a home built high in an elm in the Valley of Elves, but has not visited there in some time. It pleases her to imagine that it might have become a refuge for the local critters. Lillie is very fond of critters as a rule...except when the urge to hunt overcomes her.

Occupation: Expert Archer, Hunter and something of a Ranger. She relies purely on her skill to trap and hunt and believes in equal ground. Lillie is no "trickster." She is also skilled in the manufacture of metallic goods (in accordance with the laws of her Clan), but it is not a profession that she cares to pursue.

Personality: Normally quiet, but her temper is not to be roused. She has a sharp tongue at times, but is otherwise cordial. Injustice will provoke her anger. She prefers to work alone, but is open to becoming part of a band if circumstances dictate and she feels she can work alongside such companions. She believes in equal footing and does not take kindly to those who would "lord" it over her.

Personal Weapons: A bow of polished yew and a quiver of silver-tipped arrows. A small hunting knife which is kept in a finely-tooled sheath from a leather belt about her waist.

Familiar: A Hellion whose name is Kyte. This strange beast is part-machine and part-avian. Something akin to an ostrich in appearance, but smaller of build. It converses in clicks and whirs which only the Valley Elves are able to understand. These Elves are the creators of the Hellion. It is an ancient process known only to themselves. The Hellion needs no food to survive and apparently runs on perpetual clockwork. Its feathers grow (like that of a bird), but its beak and claws are of an unbreakable, metallic bronze-like material. Inherently suspicious of those it does not know, the Hellion serves as protector to the Elf who adopts it and can, at a push, be ridden, although one's feet are barely off the ground when seated upon its back and it is hardly the most comfortable of mounts. The Hellion is fond of having its bald head scratched and possesses a tendency to buck when anyone other than its owner climbs upon its back. It is a faithful beast and its heart...which can be heard loudly loyal and true.

Personal Motto: Equality for All

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