Lay of the Lute

Here is where words unite with rhyme and the lilting rhythms of the Realm's Poet, Craven Justice, may be enjoyed by all. Many of the verses were penned specifically for the Story Chapters they reference...easily accessed by means of a link.

Bolo's Songs
Odellis (The Lute)
The Bard
Ode To Odan
Establishing The Red Gryphon Inn (Karl Strange)
Goings On At The Inn
Májica's Quatrain
The Morphyd And The Maid
Craven's Song Of Woe
Song Of History (As Sung To The Dwarves Of Mordock)
Enchantress (Tri-Nova Cade)
Malef Meets Alofu
Wrestler Of Men
Break Of Deay

Introduction Of Rellik The UnHoly
Rasthran The Elven Rider
The King's Plan
The High Priest Joshua
Travails Of Risqué (Part I)

These five poems were composed to accompany
"Pillar Of Empathy--Tower Of Truth,"
authored by Rasthran (Retired WordSmith).
This story may be found in "The Untold Tales" area,
accessible by a link from any of the five listed poems.

The Prisoners

This verse series was composed as accompaniment for a tale
to be authored by Asphyxi8 (Retired Wordsmith).
However, the story was was never written.

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