The Morphyd

Author's Name: NovaReinna

Character's Name: The Morphyd

Aliases: Sir Scat the Knight (others to possibly follow)

Sex: Neither male nor female...more a living entity

Race: Amorph...perhaps the only or last of its kind. The Morphyd itself cannot ever recall meeting another of its ilk.

Clan: None

Appearance: Since the Morphyd is a shape-shifer, its appearance is dependent upon whatever form it hapens to be inhabiting at any given time. The Morphyd believes (but is far from certain) that its indigenous state is transparent and translucent...almost liquid in nature. At least, this is the form to which it reverts when not adopting the shape of another, or just prior to any transformation.

Age: The Morphyd is ageless...possibly immortal.

Expected Lifespan: Unknown

Place of Birth: Unknown

Place and Type of Residence: Unknown

Occupation: A Quester who is determined to seek out and fulfill the appointed Quest. Unfortunately, the exact details of that Quest seem to have slipped the Morphyd's mind.

Personality: No matter what shape it has adopted, the Morphyd is always mild-mannered and polite to the extreme, being something of an innocent who takes everything literally. Clumsy and inept, but very well-intentioned, it is friendly, congenial and quite easily duped. It also displays a somewhat shy side to its nature at times and may quickly become chagrined and confounded. The Morphyd could readily be likened to Cervantes' Don Quixote. Its memory and ability for recall are abominable. Eager to learn and anxious to please, the Morphyd's major weakness is queasiness at the sight of blood. It would not be in the least unusual for the Morphyd to pass out altogether upon encountering a gaping and bleeding wound. The Morphyd is well aware that its memory is not all it should be and it often struggles to remember what it believes it should know. Nonetheless, it is not inherent in its nature to fret about such things and it seldom (if ever) worries about its lack of recall.

Powers: The Morphyd is able to utilize whatever powers would normally belong to the form it is currently inhabiting. For example, if that should be a wizard, then it would have the ability to use spells...but probably very incompetently and even with disastrous or lethal effects (unintentional of course, since it is essentially a creature of harmony). It is only able to transform into a shape it has already encountered (i.e., if it has never seen a wizard, then it cannot shapeshift into one). After it has transformed into a different shape, the Morphyd has the ability to retain whatever items it has possessed in another form, should it return to that previous form. In other words, if it adopts the shape of a knight and has a fine sword but then loses that sword in battle, if the Morphyd transforms into another shape and then returns to the knight's form, the sword will be back in its possession (rather unfortunate for the victor who probably carried off the prized sword, only to find that it later disappears). This can take place indefinitely but applies only to items acquired during the original transformation. Anything acquired during the period between that transition and the next would not be returned. However, this can prove to be most useful when it comes to the spending of coin, sometimes ensuring the guarantee of a constantly-filled purse. The Morphyd is merely a mirror-image of the form it adopts. It does not take the place of the original form and the original form loses none of its possessions, even though the Morphyd is supplied with a duplicate copy of everything. For no apparent reason or rhyme (and certainly not with deliberate forethought), the Morphyd has a tendency to adopt the male, rather than the female, shape.

Personal Weapons: None. The Morphyd uses whatever weapons would belong to the shape it has adopted.

Familiar: None

Personal Motto: All in Good Time

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