Odan the Scribe

Author's Name: Dolarnick

The Complete Odan

Introduction: Reported: Sighting of Odan the Scribe. He carries with him an ashen-white Angelwood staff and is accompanied by a white dog who answers to the formal name of "The Bijou."

Character Name: Odan the Scribe

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Vocation: Scribe

Stage of Life: Appears to be in his mid 20s

Actual Age: Unknown

Expected Life Span: Near immortal. Subject to death by decapitation or removal of life-stone.

Place of Birth: Archangel Island

Person Weapons: QuarterStaff (Bo) in times of mortal combat his weapon of preference is the Naginata. Trained as an expert wrestler, skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

Animal Companion: The progenitor of a breed of canines known as Molossus, an all white fighting dog of the high valleys of Betit, called "The Bijou," a/k/a "The Wonderful Howling Beast." Undefeated in the pit; known to be the greatest of bull-baiters in the realm; constant and faithful companion to Odan the Scribe. The Bijou is intelligent, fearless, possessing tremendous agility and strength.

Physical Traits: Odan the Scribe is a man, aged 25-28, but has retained many of his boyish charms. His face is handsome and daring, his eyes show no fear in them. They are pools of green, hazel, flashes of blue, and at times pitch black. His body is fairly muscular, yet lithe and solid evincing power and passion; his hair, long, black full, tied together with a crystal pin representing a riding mistress. Men trust him, liking his manly qualities, and will follow him into battle, but they would not bring him home to meet their sister. Women have been known to be drawn to his masculine magnetism. However, Odan does not make promises to women or others that he cannot keep. His sexual proclivity is legendary, yet he has morality, and his great affection for women is his ambiguousness.

Personality: Honest (to a fault), fearless -- tends never to make the same mistake twice -- confident of self and abilities.

Abilities and/or Powers: Expert scribe, user of the infamous Scribal Spinning Singing Crystal (SSSC); collector and connoisseur of rare gems; speaker of numerous languages.

Special Training: Healer (Touch); user of crystal needles and body manipulations; unique ability to capture the spoken word, preserve it, and deliver the message as if given by the sender.

Authors Notes:

Odan the Scribe is a wanderer, a teller of tales, of prophecies, by use of ancient pictorial cards of divination and magical crystals. Expert in the use of a staff (made of Angelwood).

NOTE: Having the scribe with your group of adventurers on a quest insures that all tales of adventure will be chronicled faithfully, as his crystalline record is certified to be true and correct, but to purchase the record, you must pay a fee.

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