Ode To Odan
By Craven Justice

Supremely confident he would prevail,
Odan quietly prepared to sail
upon the sea or upon the moor
where he was charged to record the lore.

Setting out upon his maiden quest,
pouch bulging with life-seed in his vest,
he happened upon the crusty Four
and danger jangled to his core.

It wasnít the Horsemen he need fear
but the evil skulking at his rear.
With a magnificent swipe of his terrible blade.
at Moultranceís feet Odanís head was laid.

Odanís skull became a crystal grin,
Moultranceís laughter a terrible din.
Clutching Odanís life stone on high,
Moultrance heard the roar and prepared to die.

But for swift action of White Howling Beast
Odanís life has all but ceased.
Life-seed planted in the bubbling pool
Bijou took Odan sunk to depths so cool.

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