Odellis (The Lute)
By Craven Justice

Your tangible beauty is breathtaking
exhibits the craftmanship in your making
Made with love with woods so fine
Do you consider you are mine?

Your feminine form shows such grace
it brings joy to the lutenist face.
Your sweet tones melt the rime
We’ll be one from time to time.

Sing to me enchanted lute
sing me songs of Snowflake, the brute
soothe away my troubled thought
and let me dream of the dragon naught.

Sing to me of Odan the scribe,
Tell me, he is now among what tribe?
And what of the Howling Beast?
Was it upon his bones Snowflake did feast?

Answer me my beautiful friend
that my love for you will never end.
Tell me what I must know
Lest I be felled by a fatal blow.

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