Quatrain By Craven Justice

Goddess in black with eyes of silver,
Is it pleasure or pain you deliver?
Your love for others you dare not show
Or your power to torture will surely go.

Levi N'Dari
Quatrain By Craven Justice

A man born to reign
for which he showed disdain
Choosing instead the title Assassin
Which became his claim to fame.

Quatrain By Craven Justice

Belamotte and Wilikin
Trapped and sharing just one skin
A seer of the Second Way
And the son of the Fae.

Quatrain By Craven Justice

For Quoatdu, time runs swift
Olinax longevity is not a myth
So he searches mightily to find
The elixir of life for his kind.

Quatrain By Craven Justice

Seraphim, so young and small
Little is known of her at all
A Living Shadow for her shield
What revelations will she yield?

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