Author's Name: Asphyxi8

Character's Name: Quoatdu

Sex: The Olianx are a race with three different sexes. The closest human comparison to his sex (and also to render this story less confusing in that we could use the pronoun 'he' rather than a completely different set) would be male.

Race: Olianx

Clan: Not applicable

Apparent Age: Indiscernible to human-type eyes

Actual Age: The Olianx are a race with short lives because they multiply prolifically. The average lifespan of an Olianx is about twenty years with the individual reaching mental and physical maturity within six months after birth. Quoatdu is about four and a half years of age.

Expected Lifespan: The average is twenty years although some Olianx believe that smoking ground Oris seeds and dried leaves can extend lifespan to thirty to thirty five years. The truth of this belief is largely unknown because the Olianx are prone to multiple infections and conditions after the twentieth year. Ordinarily, the Olianx are a race with a very weak immune system that they usually fall prey to numerous diseases before they can die naturally.

Place of Birth: The caverns of Lotil, one of the villages/cities of the Olianx.

Place and Type of Residence: Caverns and burrows throughout the land.

Occupation: Thief of powerful life extending artifacts and spells.

Personality: Quoatdu is a little eccentric and a little mad. Like Belamotte he keeps his own counsel. He does not speak often, but when he does he speaks very quickly that some people have a hard time understanding him. He is also intensely religious to the deity of his people. He is driven with the need to extend his life, whether this is because he fears death or he is envious of the many entities and creatures whose lives are longer than his race is unknown. His entire personality is tied to that search for a longer life. He is not looking for live forever just for him, and perhaps his race, to be in an even playing field with the rest of the world

Physical Attributes: The Olianx live mainly underground though they are not entirely uncomfortable with being aboveground. They are a short squat race with grayish colored skin that comes close to the feel of dry stiff leather. They do not have hair in the body. Their head and back are covered with chitin, the same material that protects crustaceans and insects. The Olianx also have muscular arms and large clawed hands, much like that of a mole, for digging. However, unlike a mole they do have opposable thumbs and large cupped ears on each side of the head. The facial structure of an Olianx is also very different. They have a wide lipless mouth set on pronounced bony cheeks and square jaw. They have eyes that take up half of their upper head with eyelids that open and close depending on the amount of light necessary for the surrounding. Their eyes are entirely black. When there is maximum light, their eyelids adjust to cover most of it until the opening is only the size of a thumbnail, however, in the darkness the eyelids open up to take in more of the surrounding light. Take note that unlike that of most mammalian species with which only the pupil dilates the Olianx does not have pupils so it is the eyelids that function to adjust to the light. Quoatdu's most noticeable feature is a scar running from the edge of the chitin on his right forehead to his left cheek. He wears a distinctly foreign looking clothing of some unusual rough material that only cover only the front part of his body with several straps on his back. To human observers, it looks like a glorified apron with an alien symbol directly on his chest.

Abilities and/or Powers: The Olianx are resourceful people and can survive and adapt anywhere in the world. Although Quoatdu is not a fighter, his collection of stolen artifacts yields different kinds of magical protection and weaponry. The problem is he usually doesn't know what kinds of magical weapons he has at hand so it's basic hit or miss.

Personal Weapons: He is a thief and not entirely learned in the arts of fighting.

Mount: He has a glass figurine that can transform into giant white rabbit with a human face that he uses as a mount. The face is entirely human except for the red rodent eyes.

Frequently quoted as saying: "One does not know the price of life until it is paid in death."

Authors Notes:

Each of my five characters (Renata Nai Raughan, Levi N'Dari, Wilikin/Belamotte, Quoatdu and Seraphim) begins the story by being released from the Amulet of Doors. Quoatdu was imprisoned within the Amulet of Doors because he had tried to steal a figurine artifact from the Threefold One rumored to have rendered the Threefold One immortal.

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