Renata Nai Raughan

Author's Name: Asphyxi8

Character's Name: Renata Nai Raughan

Sex: Female

Race: Not of any race

Clan: She is an old goddess of pain. Because the race that once worshipped her is now extinct, only remnants of her power remain and even then she is still fairly powerful.

Apparent Age: She looks to be about in her early twenties.

Actual Age: She does not remember her own age. As a goddess she had no concept of time because she was immortal. Time was irrelevant; therefore, she does not know when she came to be. In her mind, she had always been.

Expected Lifespan: Unknown

Place of Birth: The place where gods are born. The race that once worshipped her as the goddess of pain is now extinct.

Occupation: An old goddess of pain. She began, however, as a goddess of pleasure who became weary at the monotony of carnal and emotional bliss. (In order to experience pleasure, one must know pain.) She wanted to know pain and so somewhere along the line, her guardianship was altered.

Personality: For now, she is hard, calculating, arrogant, uncaring. She is unable to feel any other emotions or physical sensations except for emotional suffering and physical pain although once a long time ago she did fall in love with the Threefold One; however, she could not express this love for him.

Physical Attributes: Renata is a tall, slender woman with straight black hair streaked with gold that touches the ground and almond shaped silver eyes. She is beautiful, graceful, and deadly in a way that a lioness would be. A pearl shaped like a teardrop is imbedded on her forehead. Her body is covered with multiple self-inflicted scars. Just as, as the goddess of pleasure, pleasure became pain, pain now grants her pleasure. She wears an ornate sleeveless form fitting dark crimson and black dress with an ankle length skirt with a split on both sides.

Abilities and/or Powers: Renata's touch is painful to anyone who has that sensation intact and though it does not kill it is said to be such an excruciating experience that it can turn a saint into a sinner, a sinner into a saint if one is brought into her torturous contact.

Personal Weapons: She can transform any of her body parts into instruments of pain and weapons of any kind.

Frequently quoted as saying: "Pain is the gateway to pleasure."

Author Notes:

Each of my five characters (Renata Nai Raughan, Levi N'Dari, Wilikin/Belamotte, Quoatdu and Seraphim) begins the story by being released from the Amulet of Doors. Renata Nai Raughan was imprisoned inside the Amulet because she would not return the love of the Threefold One.

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