Author's Name: Asphyxi8

Character's Name: Seraphim

Sex: Female

Race: Unknown

Clan: Unknown

Apparent Age: About eight years old

Actual Age: Unknown

Expected Lifespan: Unknown

Place of Birth: Unknown

Place and Type of Residence: Unknown

Occupation: Unknown

Personality: Seraphim either cannot talk or does not want to talk. She still has the innocent glow to her that everyone retains as a child, however, there is something ominous about her, something not any of them can determine with any accuracy.

Physical Attributes: Seraphim is a small child with bright red hair, a cute, chubby face, dotted with freckles and blue eyes. She seems, at first glance, at ordinary human child.

Abilities and/or Powers: She has a Living shadow, which can act independent of her. It protects her from harm.

Personal Weapons: Unknown

Mate: Companions and/or Relatives: She has a cloth doll with a wooden horse head. Whenever Seraphim wants to respond a slip of paper appears on the mouth of the doll with the necessary response. She often does not answer many of their questions, but chooses which to respond and which to ignore or it seems that way anyway. The doll has the name Once embroidered on its chest.

Authors Notes:

Each of my five characters (Renata Nai Raughan, Levi N'Dari, Wilikin/Belamotte, Quoatdu and Seraphim) begins the story by being released from the Amulet of Doors. Seraphim is the most mysterious of the five because they know nothing about her. They do not know her connection to the Threefold One or why she was imprisoned in the Amulet.

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