Tri-Nova Cade

Author's Name: KENICY

Character's Name: Tri-Nova Cade

Sex: Female

Race: Human

Clan: Wyvernites - a clan dedicated to the Wyvern Demi-Gods of the West.

Apparent Age: She appears to be between twenty-five and thirty years. Born under the asteroid star of Ceres during the Winter Solstice.

Actual Age: Is actually 95 years old but because she is the third daughter of the third daughter of the third Queen of the Wyvernites, she is an enchantress who does not show normal age.

Expected Lifespan: 400 years

Place of Birth: Talos Valley

Place and Type of Residence: Tri-Nova, her two sisters, mother and grandmother live in a round stone farmhouse. It appears to be unremarkable in its outside appearance but is filled with fine silver and gold accoutrements, crystal wall sconces and illusion mirrors adorn the great room walls. The many halls are hung with rich tapestries and fine brocade.

Occupation: Farm maid extroidinaire. Under her hand any crop will flourish. Her farm animals produce the finest milk, eggs and meat in the valley.

Personality: Although she appears innocent, she can be wily and devious. She will give her life to protect those she loves and fight to the death those who would harm her or her loved ones.

Strengths: Tri-Nova is fiercely loyal to those she befriends and vengeful enemy to those who betray her trust.

Weakness: She is too trusting and literal. Ruthless people take advantage of her trusting nature. Because of her inclination to loyalty, she is slow to recognize the greed or avarice of others.

Intelligence and Personality: She is highly intelligent but projects a strong image of innocence due to her rather sheltered upbringing.

Wisdom: She is the keeper of the Wyvernite history and lore. It is her quest to pass the information on to her third daughter, if and when, she is born. She is wise in the ways of animal husbandry and agronomy.

Constitution: Tri-Nova and her family currently live in the Talos Valley under the guidance and protection of Karl Strange, founder and keeper of the Red Gryphon Inn.

Dexterity: She is a highly skilled and graceful rider. She can mount and dismount a galloping steed quickly and neatly under any circumstance. She is known throughout the valley for her skilled horsemanship both in riding and in training.

Charisma: Tri-Nova is a beautiful, blue-eyed platinum blonde with a winsome smile and a flawless complexion whose beauty entrances both men and women. Her innocent beauty causes men to go to great lengths to protect her. Her slight build disguises her hearty constitution. She is rarely ill and conveys a sense of assurance to others.

Abilities and/or Powers: Tri-Nova has the power to cast spells of silence, forgetfulness, clumsiness and illusion upon others. As the third daughter of the third daughter of the third Queen of the Wyvernites, she is the keeper of the history and lore of the clan, which she can reveal to none other than her third daughter upon her birth.

Personal Weapons: Her ability to cast spells and accurately throw her silver, crystal encrusted dirk up to a distance of 100 feet.

Mount: Great White Ornicule. Believed at one time to have been extinct, the pure white animal of noble equine form that stands sixteen hands at the shoulder, was given to her by her grandmother who refused to say where it was found. With a golden mane that touches the ground, intelligent, piercing blue eyes and golden flowing tail it is a beautiful animal to behold. Tri-Nova uses the single ebony spiraled horn that protrudes from the animalís broad forehead to mount its strong back. It has large shiny black hooves with a ruff of white fur around the top. When riding throughout the valley, the noble animal and beautiful maid move with the grace and beauty of a single entity.

Familiar: None yet

Spirit-Mate: None yet

Mate: Companions and/or Relatives: Unmarried (but looking). Two sisters, mother and grandmother.

Authors Notes:
None at this time

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