You have arrived at the Phantom Realm vault of Untold Tales. These are works either initiated and never completed by Retired Wordsmiths or penned by current WordSmiths but unrelated directly to the ongoing storyline.

Here also are links to Character Sheets and poems composed for personages who were never incorporated into the current project. The decision was made to keep these pieces available for viewing since time and effort was devoted to their creation and all are worthy of inclusion.

Pillar Of Empathy--Tower Of Truth (Rasthran)

Introduction Of Rellik The Unholy
Rasthran The Elven Rider
The King's Plan
The High Priest Joshua
Travails Of Risqué (Part I)
( Composed to accompany "Pillar Of Empathy--Tower Of Truth")

The Prisoners
( The tale for which these verses were composed was never written)

Ellorian (Created by TomasQ)
(Character featured in "Pillar Of Empathy--Tower Of Truth")

Levi N'Dari (Created by Asphyxi8)
Quoatdu (Created by Asphyxi8)
Renata Nai Raughan (Created by Asphyxi8)
Seraphim (Created by Asphyxi8)
Wilikin/Belamotte (Created by Asphyxi8)

Galt Bijan (Created by FireStarter)
Khadijah Socorro (Created by FireStarter)

( These characters, never featured in any tale,
are the subjects of the verses entitled: "The Prisoners")

( These were characters never featured in any tale or any verse)