Author's Name: Asphyxi8

Character's Name: Wilikin/Belamotte

Sex: Male

Race: The Wilikin/Belamotte dichotomy is a strange one. His father was a clairvoyant of the Fourth Way who fell in love with a Fae woman. His mother became pregnant with twins, but during the course of the pregnancy one of the twins died. The result was a parasitic consciousness that attached itself to the living twin giving him a split personality. By day he is Belamotte, a mild-mannered, reserved individual, someone mostly human in appearance and in disposition, but by night, he is literally a completely different person. He is Wilikin, a mischievous, playful imp who has shed most of his humanity for the attitude and form of the Fae.

Clan: No clan affiliation

Apparent Age: Late 20's

Actual Age: Unknown

Expected Lifespan: Unknown

Place of Birth: (The same principle goes with this part as what I brought up with Levi N'Dari.) For a time he lived at the edge of the Forest of Secrets with his father. The Forest of Secrets is the abode of the everlasting Fae.

Place and Type of Residence: Until his father died, he lived in a small house near the Forest of Secrets where his mother lived.

Occupation: Unknown as of now

Personality: Wilikin/Belamotte's personality is divided into two. As Belamotte, he acts his human self. He is more reserved, thinks things before he acts, and tries to be pragmatic at all times, however, that does not rule him to be harmless. He is a skilled and dangerous individual if forced to fight. As Wilikin, he acts his Fae half, the half that throws out all the rules and does not think of the consequences to himself or to others. He is mischievous and impulsive, acting selfishly for his own behalf and for his amusement.

Physical Attributes: As Belamotte, he is a little shorter than Levi N'Dari and about the same height as Renata Nai Daughan. His head is shaved and his body type is a little more defined than Levi. Every inch of his body is covered by rows of small, pronounced half inch letters and numbers. He wears a simple black cloak that covers most of his body. As Wilikin, many have noticed that the daily character switch precipitates a slight alteration in form and though the change is slight it is still perceptible. Wilikin is more hunched, more limber and lithe and unlike Belamotte who stands stiffy at all times, he likes to crouch low to the ground. Wilikin face seems to be in a perpetual grin, laughing at things only he can hear or see. When he is Wilikin, his ears appears to be a little more pointed, his eyes a little brighter, and the letters that crowd his skin, a little more faded. He does not like to wear the cloak that Belamotte dons; instead, he sheds it for a simple animal skin trouser.

Abilities and/or Powers: Belamotte is a seer of the Second Way, more powerful than his father, but his premonition and Sight does not come in an ordinary form. The rows of letters and numbers on his skin, which he had been born with, form words and sentences in their own will or sometimes, when asked. He has no control over them. After the death of his father, he studied with the famed Mingna warrior monks and is proficient in many types of hand-to-hand weaponless combat. He was also taught the art of Smoke Walk, an art able to displace the physical body into smoke. Wilikin's abilities are tied with the Fae. He can Glamour and has a special bond with the natural world around him. All other Fae magic that he has in power, he does not show yet.

Personal Weapons: The Mingna warriors forbid the use of any fashioned weapon in their combat. Belamotte has adopted that distaste of weapons and fights only with his learned fighting forms. Wilikin, being with Fae attitude, has no use of weapons either.

Frequently quoted as saying: "All is good; All is evil."

Authors Notes:

Each of my five characters (Renata Nai Raughan, Levi N'Dari, Wilikin/Belamotte, Quoatdu and Seraphim) begins the story by being released from the Amulet of Doors. Belamotte was imprisoned in the Amulet of Doors because he killed the Threefold One once at the request of the Spinning Gossamer. He has no qualms with the man, he was merely returning a favor for the Spinning Gossamer and killed him at her request. Unfortunately, the Threefold One did not stay dead and wrought his vengeance by trapping him within it.

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