Spire of Scribbles

This is the Tower fabricated from my own imagination, carefully guarded by Olivetti the Owl, Keeper of the Scrolls, who maintains a watchful eye on comings-and-goings. The bureau beneath the window is scratched and stained and littered with fragmented manuscripts which, some day, may be completed...or maybe not, for creativity is often an elusive and transient thing. The two alcoves on either side of the old writing desk are neatly stacked with finished pieces...some short, some a little longer. Most of these have been sent out into the world to seek their fortune. Many returned upon the wings of honorable awards and just as many have returned with dragging feet and hung heads. Regardless, I welcomed them all, for this is their home. I will decline from identifying which were fruitful in their journey and which travelled through stony ground, leaving the readers to sort out for themselves which they consider to be the wheat from the chaff. After all, we all have our own opinions and one man's meat...well, you probably know the rest. On a makeshift shelf, there is a collection of sheafs featuring the rhyming word. A handful of these have also garnered recognition.

Feel free to browse. I hope there is something here to suit almost every taste. Please excuse the parchments scattered across the floor, the spilled inkpots and numerous tattered plumes with splayed nibs. The Spire of Scribbles is, by its very nature, constantly undergoing construction and, as such, is extremely difficult to keep neat and tidy.

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NOTE: None of the images within the Spire of Scribbles are personal creations.
They were found at many and varied areas of the web and are intended
solely as illustrative visuals to enhance the themes of the writings.

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