A Slice Of Apple Pie

She balanced the apple in her hand and wondered which little one deserved such a tasty treat. It had been a boring day of menial chores...laundering, cleaning and such. She wasn't in her normal good humor. That morning, she had even shooed away the tiny chickadees who always gathered on the window sill awaiting the customary bread crumbs. They had flown off with an indignant tweet. She sighed. Sometimes she wondered if she hadn't jumped from the frying pan straight into the fire. There surely had to be more to life than this!

They would be home soon, tracking mud all over her freshly-mopped floor and expecting supper to be ready. As usual, they would gripe when she told them to wash their hands and faces before they ate and grumble when she suggested they might actually use soap once in a while! Still, she didn't know what she'd do without the wee tykes...although it might be nice to find out.

A smile crept across her face. She would dice the apple, add sugar and cinnamon, and bake a pie for dessert. It was a large apple. It would easily go around.

Of course, they insisted she have the first piece, but she told them she'd wait. Cutting the pie into eight equal servings, she put her portion to one side and started on the dishes.

Up to her dimpled elbows in frothy suds, her typically cheery mood began to return. How kind of that sweet old lady to refuse to accept one single farthing for that beautiful apple...and how silly of the old hag not to realize that her intended victim was nowhere near as innocent as she appeared.

Happy again, Snow White whistled while she worked and speculated as to which one of the seven would be the first to go.

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