Ode to Alice

It happened on a summer day,
When the White Rabbit came your way
And took you to a Land of Dreams,
Where nothing was quite how it seemed.

That little golden key you found
So far below under the ground
Unlocked a door to sights so rare:
A Duchess and a Mad March Hare.

A bright blue caterpillar who,
While smoking, gave advice to you.
A Hatter who thought he was wise,
Though all he did was criticize.

A world of roses, painted red,
Where shouts rang out: "Off with her head!"
The Lizard known as Little Bill,
The Mock Turtle and his Quadrille.

That Cheshire Cat who would begin
To disappear and leave his grin
Suspended high up in the trees.
He'd come and go just as he pleased.

A sleepy Dormouse tried to tell
Of sisters in a treacle well,
As teacups rattled noisily
And everyone sat down to tea.

A baby who became a pig;
A small cake which could make you big;
The Queen who wanted all to play
A very strange game of croquet.

There was a trial...the Knave of Hearts
Was charged with stealing all the tarts.
You bravely came to his defense
And said there was no evidence.

And then, the Queen and all her guards
Were nothing but a deck of cards.
The cards flew up and turned into
Just dead leaves falling down on you.

Reality or fantasy?
A dream that you alone could see?
And did you ever understand
The Magic of that Wonderland?

Did you ever try once more
To reach that tiny wooden door?
Or are such things too hard to find
When we leave our childhood behind?

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