Long ago, in young Earth's childhood days of peaceful harmony,
Came this wondrous creature who would shroud herself in mystery.
Silver light from palest moonbeams, tiny drops of sparkling rain,
Blending with one small star's bright gleams, formed her long and flowing mane.

Restless Ocean took his sea-spray then, from rare black smoky pearls,
Added hazy shades of mist-grey for her frothy tail of swirls.
Snowflakes, perfect in formation, gossamer so featherlight,
Wove their own pure combination...silky coat of frosty white.

Eyes of brilliant, bluest sapphire, full of innocence and youth,
Blazed with everlasting fire as she searched for love and truth.
Precious metals, forged and heated into hooves as hard as stone,
Left one ornament still needed, one by which she could be known.

Sunbeams then made their donation: shafts of light which would adorn
This most magical creation with one fluted golden horn.
Mortal greed, stripped of its veneer, she has learned to recognize,
Seldom will she dare to appear with her beauty undisguised.

Yet, some dusky rose-pink morning when all Earth is fresh and new,
Suddenly and without warning, she may show herself to you.
Dismiss any thoughts of capture, such attempts are met with scorn.
Be content to gaze in rapture at the Noble Unicorn.

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