Beware Of The Dog

I understand you've taken nothing and probably had no intention of doing so, but you must have realized you wouldn't be permitted to leave.

Perhaps you planned to "case the joint?" Isn't that the correct terminology? Alright, maybe it WAS only idle curiosity but you can't just waltz in unexpectedly and unannounced and not be prepared to suffer the consequences. In any event, it's too late now. Even if I turned a blind eye, he would never let you through.

Naturally he allowed you to enter...that's his job. Anyway, you bribed him with treats. I see you still have some in the bag. That doesn't work in reverse, I'm afraid. Try it, if you feel lucky.

No...he wouldn't obey any of MY commands. I'm not his master, only his warden. The owner? Well, it wouldn't be a good idea to disturb him right now. His wife just returned from vacationing with her mother. This is their first night together in quite some time.

I assure you it would make no difference. Rules are rules. Frankly, I doubt the dog would let you go in any case. That hound's a stickler when it comes to duty. Sorry to be such a kill-joy, but you should have taken better notice of the warning posted on the gate. Fools rush in, I suppose.

"Beware of the Dog?" Well yes, that goes without saying, but I was actually referring to the other sign...the one that reads, "Abandon hope, all ye who enter here."

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