Her Name's Black Lady

She's the pinup of "Sailor Moon,"
But her part was over much too soon.
There's not many who'd disagree
That she's the very epitome
Of what a siren is supposed to be;
She radiates with charm and mystery.
Her name's Black Lady and since she hit town,
Jessica Rabbit's relinquished her cheesecake crown.

She is evil and quite a witch.
Some might say that she's a bitch.
She's no Barbie, that's for sure,
But even Ken would come back for more.
He'd be pounding upon her door
'Cos next to her, Blondie's such a bore!
Her name's Black Lady... girl of your dreams,
But be forewarned boys, she isn't all that she seems.

She's been brainwashed and she's been misled.
Wise Man planted in her head
A falsified and fake memory,
Now she's not sure how things ought to be.
Still, her male fans gush leeringly,
"What the hell, the babe looks fine to me!"
Her name's Black Lady...moves like a cat.
To quote a popular cliche, she is "All That."

She's a diva when she's on the screen,
Monopolizing every scene.
She's a vision dressed in black,
Long pink hair rippling down her back.
That certain something, she doesn't lack
And she'd look good if she wore a sack!
Her name's Black Lady and she stands alone
As Anime's glamorous answer to Sharon Stone.

If she wants diamonds, if she wants furs,
She can snap her fingers and they'll be hers.
Femme fatale extraordinaire,
She's got charisma and some to spare.
In sex appeal, there's none can compare,
Excepting, maybe, the Dirty Pair.
Her name's Black Lady and she's a doll,
The cutest villainess yet to portray the role.

But watch your step, boys...she's jail bait,
Not even old enough to date.
Her real age, bet you'd never guess
'Cos you're too busy trying to impress.
Now don't be fooled by that foxy dress;
She's just a baby, not a seductress.
Her name's Black Lady and all too soon
She'll turn back into that sickly sweet Chibi-Moon.

Her name's Black Lady...this is her song;
With a face and figure like that, how could she go wrong?

Her name's Black Lady and the fashion world
Has announced she'll be the next model for "Cover Girl."

Her name's Black Lady and she could be the first
To walk away with the title, "Miss Negaverse."

Her name's Black Lady and this is almost through,
But did you know they've signed her to do the "Swimsuit Issue?"

Her name's Black Lady...[end of track]
[The music dies and the image fades into black...lady]

Chibi Moon

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