In The Blood

"A grandmother?" she asked with astonishment, holding out her arms for the infant. The woman nodded, dark eyes soft and pleading.

"We were married," she insisted, displaying the plain gold band. "It is important to me that you believe that." The grandmother rocked the babe in her arms. "I know you are not a liar," she said sweetly. "But why was I not told?"

"The time was never right," replied the mother with a sorrowful expression. "I am so sorry."

"You must stay with us now," urged the grandmother, but the younger woman shook her head. "It is too dangerous," she protested. Alternative plans have already been made." She pointed to the ship behind her, making ready to sail.

The grandmother held the boy tightly. "Then I will never see him again, this precious issue of my beloved son?" The mother gently took back her baby.

"There is nothing I can do," she said regretfully. "The decision was not mine to make."

The grandmother sighed. She had learned to live with acceptance.

"I have been told that one of his progeny," the young woman paused and inclined her head respectfully to the other, "and, therefore, one of your progeny, two thousand years or more from now, is destined to be a great king who will restore peace to a ravaged world."

The older woman's face glowed with pride and joy.

"They will call him Redeemer," continued the mother, "and Lawmaker. He will be a prince of the common people."

"That comes as no surprise," said the sainted grandmother, smiling through her tears as she touched the cheek of the serene Magdalene. "From father to son, my dear child. It is, after all, in the blood."

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