Brown-Eyed Handsome Man

It was Spring of 1975 when he followed the swallows into the little mission town. Eddie was everything Serefina desired...tall, good-looking and athletic, with wheaten hair and eyes the color of coffee beans. From the moment she spotted him in his sailor-boy outfit behind the wheel of the black BMW, Serefina was infatuated.

He spent two weeks at her tiny apartment before returning to San Diego. Between glasses of red wine, he taught her to dance as "Rave On" or "That'll Be The Day" blared from his portable tape player and, in the heated darkness, he awakened her senses to passion while breathlessly whispering "True Love Ways."

When the time came for Eddie to leave, Serefina clung to his neck. "I'll see you again?" He grinned reassuringly. "Every year with the swallows!" And Eddie kept his promise. Serefina lived for those fourteen days...and nights.

In 1981, Serefina had a surprise waiting...a fine bambino named in honor of Eddie's favorite singer. The first words out of Eddie's mouth were: "You sure he's mine?" Serefina was devastated. That year, Eddie stayed only five days. The next, three. Then one.

It was Spring of 1985 when Serefina left four-year old Buddy with his Grandma. She purchased a small pistol and hitched a ride north.

It was rumored that the swallows, most of whom now bypassed San Juan Capistrano, favored Mission Viejo did, apparently, one certain brown-eyed, handsome man.

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