The Ballad Of Brave Sir Enjay

(To the tune of "Oh Dear, What Can The Matter Be?"
also known as "Johnny's So Long At The Fair")

Oh dear, we are in mourning
For one of our members, no new day is dawning.
Did we get caught napping or were we just yawning
When Sir EnJay got blown away?

He was dauntless and fearless, was tough and was gritty;
His humor was droll, he was terribly witty;
Cut down in mid-sentence, it's really a pity
'Cos now he's been silenced to stay.

How did it happen? There's just no explaining;
The number one student throughout basic training;
He led the attack with no word of complaining.
The first one to enter the fray.

His sword in his hand and his legs far from rubbery,
Sir EnJay, his courage was high...almost bubbly,
Until the moment he peered in that shrubbery,
Then he became easy prey.

He fought like a tiger, a valiant soldier;
None could have been stronger or quicker or bolder.
It's so sad to think he won't live to grow older.
"Rather him than me," did you say?

I'll never forget the scene, what a spine-chiller.
It could have come out of some "B" movie thriller.
He parried and shouted, "This bunny's a killer,"
Then collapsed like a fallen souffle.

But let's learn the moral of Sir EnJay's slaughter.
It's one we should teach every son, every daughter.
Not all those cute rabbits behave like they oughta;
Some tear out your throat just for play.

We wiped off his weapon and straightened his kirtle,
His armour all crushed like some stomped-upon turtle.
We covered his body with sprigs of crape myrtle
And then went on our merry way.

We took with us items of sentimentality:
Purse of gold coin and his hand-crafted jewelry.
It's what he'd have wanted, on that we could all agree.
He can't use 'em now anyway.

At least he went out in a big blaze of glory.
I just wish the end hadn't been quite so gory.
But, let's raise a tankard of ale to the story
Of our bold and brave Sir Enjay.

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