Flight of Fancy

How can I sing when my song has died
And I don't know if it's dark or light outside?
I cannot leave here for something's in my way
And the will to live grows weaker with each passing day.

Caught in a trap with nowhere to go
And I cannot see the sun or feel its glow;
There's only sorrow and I don't understand
Why around my leg, there is a rigid metal band.

There's a small corner for me to rest,
But it does not have the comfort of my nest.
Is this a prison...if so, what did I do?
I yearn to soar toward the vast and open blue.

There's something wrong for I belong where I was always meant to be;
Among my towering trees, within my peaceful sanctuary.
In my imaginings, I spread my wings so far and wide.
Upon the spirals of the wind, how high I glide.

I am tired, weary and so alone.
My saddened heart is weighted like a heavy stone.
I feel the hunger, but I cannot eat;
I am given water, but the taste is far from sweet.

Who took my right to liberty?
What kind of life is this, when I cannot be free?
Will no one help me to escape from here?
I am frightened, but it is a strange and unknown fear.

I miss the winter and the snow;
I miss the warmth of spring that makes the flowers grow;
I miss the autumn, with mornings fresh and clean,
And I miss the summer when the dappled leaves are green.

How my soul weeps, the pain goes deep and I can't flee beyond these bars.
My spirit's wounded but I have no strength to heal the scars.
Please give me back my dreams...my hills and streams, my fields, my sky;
And through the gentle eyes of mercy, watch me fly.

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