My quest will be long and my quest will be hard.
My companions: a cleric, a thief and a bard.
My name is Sir Tristan, a knight brave and bold,
And I'll be a legend for evermore told.
Aurora, the cleric, with her magic book
Can wither a monster with merely one look.
Our bard is Blondel, a yellow-haired elf,
Whose music could charm the Devil himself.
Light-fingered and agile, a thief and a robber,
But likeable fellow, is our little Dodger.
We wander through lands in search of great treasure,
Our courage so great that it cannot be measured.
When creatures are evil, we'll fight to the death.
The good we'll protect 'til we draw our last breath.
But then, we're eternal and face no grave risk;
Our images forever stored on a disk.

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