Gone to Earth

Ever racing, far outpacing any horse or dog or man;
Through the hedgerow, field and meadow...try to catch me, if you can!
Bugles blowing, tallyho-ing, and like blood their coats are red.
Hounds are baying, senseless slaying is the thought within their heads.

Curious poses, twitching noses trying to detect my scent.
Scratching, pawing, whining, clawing...wondering which way I went.
Sometimes hiding, time-abiding, looking out with watchful eyes;
Not for long though, as I well know he who waits is he who dies.

Teeth are snapping...can't be napping when the pack is at your heels.
Must be braver, cannot waver...cannot stop to spin your wheels.
Sprinting, dashing...hear them gnashing as they follow close behind.
Panting, huffing, drooling, puffing...in the hope my tracks they'll find.

Must be quicker, fleeter, slicker...can't afford to waste a breath.
Ducking, darting and outsmarting to avoid the jaws of death.
Sly and cunning, always running, following the Freedom Trail.
Crafty, wily, small and wiry...wind beneath my bushy tail.

Dodging, skirting, always flirting with the danger close at hand.
Swiftly fleeing, bound on being faster than the chasing band.
Always brisker, by a whisker...first I'm here and then I'm there.
Soon I'm flying, minutes buying...often far too few to spare.

Bobbing, weaving and believing in the spirit at my side;
Wisely older, shrewdly bolder...on his shadow I will ride.
Past the clearing and I'm veering, drawing on all I've been taught.
Like a feather through the heather...far too artful to be caught.

Hither, thither, cross the river...instinct strong to stay alive;
Hooves may pound along the ground, but I've the talent to survive.
Hill, I'm cresting...soon be resting safe and sound within my lair;
They'll not catch me, they can't match me...never did they have a prayer.

One last squirming as I'm worming inbetween the willow trees;
Light is paling while I'm sailing high upon the evening breeze.
Done with toying...now employing every trick I've learned since birth;
Today, no dying, Huntsman crying, "Gone to earth, boys...gone to earth!"

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