Miss Goody Two-Shoes

I'd be willing to bet anything...assuming I had anything to bet, which I don't...that she's counting on a happy ending, and why not? After all, that's the usual procedure for a heroine. Not this time though, Miss Goody Two-Shoes!

She never liked me. I know that now. She pretended for a while, even after the others came along, but I was eventually made to see the light. She was no different from anybody else. In fact, she was worse. At least they laughed in my face, so I knew what they thought of me. She acted like a friend and then laughed behind my back. She betrayed me...that's what she did!

Don't bother asking her about it. She'll deny that's how it was. Heaven forbid her squeaky-clean image should become tarnished. Underneath that cute and perky little girl exterior, she's manipulative and narcissistic...that's some $50.00 words I've used there. Always knew I had it in me!

She considered me an idiot. They all considered me an idiot. I wanted desperately to be part of the team. Oh, I knew I wasn't made of the right stuff, or had sufficient intelligence, to lead the way down the road we were bound and determined to follow. I never wanted or expected that. Just honest acceptance, that's all. I thought that's what I'd been given too...but I guess not.

She wasn't above using me though. Then again, she used us all to achieve her own dream. Made us believe it was for our benefit as well as her own. I thank my lucky stars I listened to the one who finally opened my eyes. Course, she's dead now, so there's nothing I can do to return the favor.

Wonder how much longer it will be before he gets here. It's turning cold, but I know it would be stupid of me strike a match and light a fire. I'm nowhere near as dumb as everyone thinks I am...no siree!

He might have gotten caught, but I doubt it. Of the entire group, he's the one she'd least suspect. Not that she's likely to be suspicious that anyone would try and throw a spanner in the works...she's just that egotistical. She'd assume in a heartbeat that we'd want nothing but the best for her.

I'd lay odds that's what the others still want. She's managed to pull the wool over their eyes, that's for sure. Closer than peas in a pod, they are. All for one and one for all, as the saying goes. That's probably why I was the one chosen to be told the truth, because she's got the rest of them right under her thumb...and they have the gall to call me lacking in brainpower!

He should be arriving soon. I was quite surprised at how easy it was to get him prepared. Comes from years of misplaced trust, I suppose, together with an instinct to please and the promise of a little something for a job well done. It's a shame he's going to be in the jam with her. If anybody's innocent, he is...just got caught up in it all and carried along for the ride, really. Still, I don't think he ponders on things too much, so it probably won't bother him.

Here he comes...and he's got it with him. Bring it to me now. I'll bury it right here, like I was told to do. Her face will be a picture when she realizes she's going to be stuck like the rest of us. She'll show her true colors then and I bet she sees red. Hey...that's funny!

So much for happy endings, right boy? Want to help me dig? No, don't pull and tug on the straw...sink your teeth into this nice crunchy biscuit I got for you instead and be a good dog.

When I'm finished, we'll return to the city. Okay, Toto? Then we'll find out how easy it is for Miss Goody Two-Shoes from Kansas to get home with only ONE!

Dorothy's Red Shoes

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