Don't tell me we were meant to be, you know I don't believe it.
Don't reveal to me your secret wish, you know that I'll deceive it
And don't lay emotion at my door, you know that's where I'll leave it.

Don't give me power over you, you know that I will use it.
Don't try to put your faith in me, all I will do is lose it
And don't pander to my every whim, you know that I'll abuse it.

Don't make me guardian of your happiness, I will destroy it.
Don't get dependent on me for I only will employ it
And don't put me in control, for well you know how I enjoy it.

Don't ask me to give you a pledge you know I will not keep.
Don't ask if I will sow a seed you know I'll never reap
And don't ask if I will dry your tears, you know I'll let you weep.

Don't tell me of your dearest dream, you know I'll not fulfill it.
Don't grant me access to your hope, you know that I will kill it
And don't pour out your belief in me, you know I'm going to spill it.

Don't put passion into every word, you know that I don't heed it.
Don't talk about romance for I don't want it and don't need it
And don't swear allegiance to me when you know that I'll mislead it.

Don't give me all your trust for you should know I'll violate it.
Don't hand your tenderness to me, I'll just humiliate it
And don't ply me with your sentiment, you know I'll devastate it.

Don't build your world around me, you know that I won't stay.
Don't shower me with fondness that you know I won't repay
And don't speak about forever when you know I'll go away.

Don't try to plan a future when you know that we won't live it.
Don't ask for a commitment when you know I'll never give it
And don't tell me what you want for us, I'm not receptive to it.

Don't give me your affection, you know I'll only flout it.
Don't give me deep devotion, you know that I will doubt it
And don't give me adoration, I would rather be without it.

Don't ask me for a sacred vow, you know that I won't do it.
Don't waste your efforts when know it's useless to pursue it
And don't tie me to a promise when you know I'll just undo it.

Don't harbor thoughts that some day I am going to change my mind,
And don't tell me that I'm being cruel, selfish and unkind
Just because I'll not adapt to fit with what you have designed.

Don't say that you would die for me, I'd probably let you try it.
Don't sell your very soul for me, I'd let the Devil buy it
And don't tell me that I'm wrong because you know you can't deny it.

I don't know why you cannot see, or why you just don't get it.
Don't you know you should move on...make the decision to forget it?
Don't you know that, if you don't, you're always going to regret it?

Don't offer everything that you possess, I'll surely take it
And don't make a present of your love, you know that I'll forsake it.
Don't make me keeper of your must know I will break it.

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