The Interviewee

"Come in," said Gourmand, extending a pudgy hand. He crammed a jelly doughnut into his mouth. "LeTharge, care to move your feet so..." He consulted the resume. "Mr. Hubris can sit down?"

The droopy-eyed man, lounging with his legs propped in the chair,allowed his scuffed shoes to slide lazily to the floor. Hubris wiped the seat with an immaculate handkerchief.

"Fine suit," remarked a sultry, dark-haired woman to the Interviewee. "Fits you beautifully!"

"Probably cost a fortune, Miss Hankering," whispered the man next to her. "Some guys have all the luck!"

"Ah, but you look good in anything, Greenbaum," she replied, fluttering her lashes provocatively while, under the table, she caressed Hubris' ankle with her bare toes.

Gourmand reached for a croissant, but a sharp-featured woman snatched away the box. "These weren't paid for with company funds," she snapped. "They're mine!"

Gourmand sighed. "Never learned to share did we, Miss Venal?"

He turned to Hubris. "Your qualifications are quite remarkable." The Interviewee examined his manicured nails and shrugged. "Of course!"

A tall, red-faced man thumped furiously on the table. "Can we make a decision here?" he roared. "Some of us have better things to do!"

Miss Hankering blew a sensuous kiss. "Temper, temper, Wrathbone!" she simpered.

"Then we are all agreed," declared Gourmand, picking up the hot line to the CEO's office. "Cancel the ad, Boss," he said. "It is with great pride...," he paused to wink at Hubris, "...that I announce the Department of Deadly Sins now fully-staffed and at your disposal."

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