Urban Oasis

He landed with uncharacteristic clumsiness, the disabled wing making it impossible for him to stay aloft any longer. He scuttled for safety within the dense bushes, keenly surveying the area with sharp and hooded eyes.

The surroundings, while unfamiliar, were not totally alien. He had observed such tracts before...but from a high vantage point, never so close. He tested the wing. It responded weakly and he had no choice but to bide his time, even though he found the aura of nearby humans disturbing and felt confined by the proximity of brick and concrete.

As time passed, the realization dawned that there were worse places he could have taken refuge. He preyed upon the complacent, plump-breasted doves which gathered, cooing, strutting and pecking, upon the open ground beyond the bushes. They were oblivious to danger until it was too far late, regarding him with docile curiosity each time he emerged from hiding.

Even though temporarily earthbound, he had no trouble catching his lethargic cousins. They presented little challenge to his speed and agility. He did not wonder why they continued to return, placing their lives in peril...to wonder about such things was not in his nature.

Soon the wing, when flexed, reacted strongly and the falcon took once again to the beckoning sky. He did not look back...and gave not even one fleeting thought to the fluttering mounds of soft, grey feathers and small, clean bones which littered the ground beneath the well-visited bird feeder.

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