Every Man Has His Price

"I don't accept bribes," Mark disgustedly told the black-robed man with the visage of a weasel.

Annas had a greedy glint in his rodent-like eyes. "Holding out, perhaps, for gold?" he asked. Mark shrugged. "It's of no consequence. I am not for sale."

Annas snickered. "Every man has his price. What do you desire, Mark?"

With a sardonic smile, Mark tossed the leather pouch into the dirt and walked away. Annas scrabbled at the sand, retrieving the contents which had spilled out with the force of the throw.

He yelped in pain as a heavy foot came in violent contact with his ribs. "Let another one slip, did we?" Annas looked up in alarm.

"All is not lost," he hastily explained, fumbling for the list and holding it out with a trembling hand. He had already been forced to draw a thick, black line through over half the names and had prepared himself, more or less, for the thunderous frown.

"You are an abominable judge of character, Annas!" Hanging his head, Annas willingly agreed and peered curiously at the name his superior had circled. "Excellent choice," he muttered subserviently.

"Then it's a great pity you didn't talk to him first, isn't it?" Caiaphas demanded, seizing Annas roughly by the throat.

"Now gather up those silver pieces and seek out this man who goes by the name..." He allowed the choking Annas a breath of freedom as he checked the list of twelve again. "Yes...this man named Judas!"

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