Princess of the Glaive

Be ever-cautious Little One, for this is not a toy
But an instrument that has the force to utterly destroy.
Now you are among the Chosen...a sanctified envoy
And the skill you have been given, you must never misemploy.

In your hands you hold dominion over death and over birth;
The tool of melancholy and the implement of mirth.
'Tis a heavy burden for one of such frail and slender girth,
But there is faith and strong conviction in the fabric of your worth.

May your principles be honest, your intentions always just.
May you never doubt the instinct upon which you'll have to trust
And when there is no other course, but to do what you know you must,
May you have the courage to return the dust back to the dust.

Do not be frightened Little One, lay all your fears to rest.
There were many who have gone before and could not pass the test.
You were not appointed thoughtlessly...your spirit was assessed
And take heart in knowing that you have been ritualized and blessed.

It is time for you to leave here and fulfill your destiny.
Seek out the Others who will lend you hope and energy.
You will find them in the whirlpool that we call Infinity,
Your fate forever bound together...whatever such may be.

Though your mystic eyes reveal a soul both honorable and brave,
You must wield your knowledge wisely, for the consequence is grave.
Be the mistress of your power, never be its abject slave,
And temper justice with compassion, Little Princess of the Glaive.

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