StarDust Wishes

Broadway nights, neon lights;
A wish upon a distant star.
Lucky break, no mistake;
In a twinkling, there you are!

Broadway chance, song-and-dance;
"Beginners please," and that's your cue.
Play the part, give your heart;
Show them just what you can do.

Broadway fears, then the cheers;
Dispel the doubts with one "Encore!"
Dues are paid, the grade's been made;
This is what you've waited for.

Broadway stage, all the rage;
Flowers strewn around your feet.
Instant fame, headline name;
The wine was never quite so sweet.

Broadway frown, curtain down;
Some things were not built to last.
Final bow, it's over now;
The spotlight dims, the shadow cast.

Broadway sigh, sad goodbye;
No crowds beg for your autograph.
One-hit Miss, blow a kiss
And exit with a well-trained laugh

But from the dark, Broadway spark;
The herald of a brand-new dawn.
Tables turn, ambitions burn;
Another rising star is born.

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